Wednesday, November 19, 2014

November 19, 2014

Babies! ;) I took pics of Cassia's pups today, while I was cleaning cages. They are 11 days old today. Their eyes will open in a few days; maybe, this weekend. There are 7. Six look really sturdy. But, of course, there is a runt. The one with the tiny white spot on the forehead (on the left in the first 4 pics.) There look to be 3 banded goldens and 4 banded sables. Can't tell if there will be any 'teddys' (long-hair, like daddy Damian) in the group, yet. But, they will all be carriers of that gene.
Spent most of yesterday trying to fix my IncrediMail program. Big fail. Lost about 10,000 saved emails ... :/ They are still in my desktop computer, but I could not get them to transfer so I could move them to my laptop (which has a working IncrediMail ...) Bummed. So, I installed Thunderbird email program on my desktop. Don't know if I like it, though. I've been using IncrediMail since it was invented in the '90s.

Thunderbird does not allow clickable email links. Sucks. Most of my emails I get links that I want to click, so they will open in my browser! Grrr. And, there is no preview of image attachments. I do not like this ...

Great. The email posts I saved to folders last night are gone! I really am disliking the Thunderbird!!!!! It's already pissing me off!

So, I decided to completely overhaul this computer (desktop) in the near future. Until then, I will just use my laptop for email, since the IncrediMail works on there ... I do NOT like Thunderbird. And, I never liked Outlook many years ago when I had it before.

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