Saturday, November 29, 2014

November 29, 2014

Done with Saturday cage cleaning!
I'm listening to Daniel Vitalis' podcasts today. Trying to catch up on all the knowledge he gives so freely.
I've taken a bunch of pictures for another photo scavenger hunt. It's always interesting to see what you can find that fits each item.
1 - Something with the word "LOVE" on it
I was scrolling through my timeline on FaceBook and saw this.

2 - An item you use daily
I always have my glass of water on my desk and refill it several times during the day.

3 - Something or someplace peaceful
This was a hard one, but these babies are so fun and relaxing to watch that it is peaceful.

4 - The word "assembly" on a package or sign
This was a hard one, too. But, I needed to find my Canon printer installation disc, and this manual was in the same drawer!

5 - A souvenir from a trip or vacation you or someone took
My grandmother took an Amtrak train to North Dakota back in the '70s and got this.

6 - A trophy or award you received
Back in the '80s-early '90s, I bred and showed many animals (Cocker Spaniels, rats, mice, hamsters, rabbits and cavies). These are just a few of the awards they earned.
 I took more pics of the hamster pups:

It was fun finally being able to handle them and watch them play. There are 2 boys and 5 girls.

Whew. Finally got my old moccasins apart. Tomorrow, I will trace them so that I'll have a good pattern to make more. Then, I will start re-stitching them.
I'm still listening to podcasts. I'm on #8. Go here:
and then scroll down to the bottom of the page and hit Older Posts until you get to the first one and start from there!

Well, I got quite a surprise when I was feeding all the critters and putting them to bed for the night! Patty had bunnies! I was shocked and yet, I shouldn't have been. The way she came to me. Dakota probably bred her right after she lost the last litter all over the ground next door. Anyway, I started to open the door of her pen to get her bowls and saw blood on her towel and then saw hair everywhere. But, no bunnies. So I searched the tray and under the cage. One had burrowed under the towels in the tray and the other had burrowed in the sheets under the cage! There are only 2 (and they both look like Dakota in their markings!) I searched under all the cages and sheets to make sure no one else had crawled away. I now have her in the big playpen and moved Kayla to the smaller cage (she's not happy about that!) Luckily, I had a box Patty's size, so put her hair and some hay in with the babies. We'll see if they make it! She probably had them about 1-2 hours ago, so, hopefully, they didn't get chilled since they are inside. Both are a good size.

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