Sunday, November 30, 2014

November 30, 2014

The new bunnies are still doing well, so they weren't out long enough to get chilled after they were born. So, that's good. Patty has added more fur to the nest overnight, too. I've already been to the co-op for more greens for the bunnies. I'm now making a pumpkin bar recipe. I actually found a gluten-free boxed (I know!!!!! 123 Gluten Free Sweet Goodness Pan Bars Mix Sugar 'n Spice -- 20.48 oz) mix the other day that has minimal ingredients. I'm waiting for my eggs to get to room temp. before I get started. The oven is pre-heating.

I'm listening to more Daniel Vitalis podcasts today. I'm on #11 - it's a long one, but interesting.

I hope to get some jewelry made today.

The pan bars are sooo good. I added pumpkin, nuts and shredded coconut to the mix.

This is what I decided to work on today. Design is all my own.
I'm so out-of-practice on making jewelry. Had trouble bending the wire for the earrings!

I finally finished the necklace set. I'm not happy with the clasp, so I will probably change it tomorrow ...

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