Saturday, November 8, 2014

November 8, 2014

Pictures, as promised.
Cassia is gonna bust open very soon. Tonight is day #16, so she should have them anytime from tonight to Monday at the latest. She's really working on her nest.
And, this is the new bunny. She's probably around a year old. Former name is Oreo, but we'll be changing it some time today ... She is a purebred Dutch, although she has a small patch on her blanket. I know the original breeder that she came from.
We'll be cleaning cages this afternoon. I'm going to the composting class this morning. It runs from 10-noon. It's just down the street about 2 blocks from me at the Woodland Community College.

The bunny's new name is Patty! (I don't really like that name ... but, tired of arguing about names.)

About to leave for the class. I am cold! But, I will warm up when I get there. I need to stop at the store before I come home, too. I need more rag towels for the rabbits' cage trays. And, a couple more bath towels or baby blankets for their bedding.

That was a good class. Similar to the one I went to a few years ago (I think the same guy was leading it.) I got a little countertop food bin and a quart of worms and 3 small herb cups (sweet basil, parsley & chives.) After that, I went to the store and bought 4 bath-size towels and a 12-pack of white rag towels. My lunch smoothie is made and I am relaxing before I start cleaning cages.

Done with all the critters. Cages are clean; they had miniature Lady apples for lunch. Love them for the critters. They are just the right size for them.

I need to go out and set a couple of the compost bins up to get the worm bins re-started.

Bummer. The bin lids I need are under the house. I'll have to do that tomorrow ... the worms will be fine until then.

And, I need to talk to Martin about Dakota tomorrow. My mom says she wants him, too, if they are going to give him up! Ugh. Nikky may need to give up her bed temporarily (it's a chrome wire crate,) until I can get another cage suitable for rabbits or build one ... hmmm. I better get my oil check soooooon! I'll have to check the mail in the morning.

Palomar has really been showing off lately. Since he has learned how to bow-coo, he rarely shuts up! Now, if I knew whether Dovelet, #1, or Doveling are girls or not, I'd decide who will go in the freezer and who will pair with him. Right now, Dovelet is in the same cage, but that could change in the future. I also need to get some info on prices for colored leg bands or a way to make some for when they are all in the flight cage together. I want to be able to tell them apart at a glance since they all look so similar, other than Palomar.

We has babies! Cassia had her pups around 8 or so tonight. She had a nestful at 8:30 when I started feeding everyone their dinner. Not sure if she was done, but she came out to grab a lettuce leaf and drag it back to the nest. She was out of the nest long enough for me to grab some shots, but was too fast for me to count them! That is her favorite corner to sleep. I'm glad she had them there, so I could see them!

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