Monday, December 1, 2014

December 1, 2014

I think I'm going to have to re-string one of the strands on the necklace I made last night. I wasn't happy with the clasp and where one of the strands joined it ... can't get the knot to set right with the wire I used ... looks like it is about to break in one spot ... so, looks like I will have to re-do it on Wednesday. My eyes are too tired tonight and will be tomorrow by the time I get home from work ...
So, I cleaned the barbecue when I got home today. I folded it down and put the cover on it for the season. I really need to get it down to the shed, but I have to rearrange some things in there first.
Changed one of the damn fluorescent light rods in the kitchen. I really need to get those fixtures down and put up the nice light fixtures I bought last year ... one of these days ...

Patty's bunnies are already looking bigger and their markings are really showing as the hair starts growing. Too cute!
2 days old

My mom wants to decorate for Christmas. Everything but the tree ... I don't. I dread dragging out all the bins and going through them. We used to go all out when I was growing up. It was beautiful having everything up. For years, I was upset that we couldn't decorate because everything was in storage. Now, I couldn't care less ... :/

Making some of this - Bulletproof Hot Cacao
Monarch Butterflies
Flickr user Gary Powell | Monarch Butterfly Grove, Pismo Beach, California | View a larger image and leave a comment.

Hold a true friend with both your hands.
~ Nigerian Proverb

The hamsters are really getting personalities and starting to allow me to touch them more without jumping in fright! Cassia is still an unsocialized, nippy brat. But, that was her early upbringing - she wasn't handled, I think. But, she's pretty! ;) Even though mine may end up in the freezer, I'll still socialize them in case I sell any of them before then ...
See the little chubby cheeks in the corner!
Ezra is supervising me while I feed everyone dinner and put them to bed.

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