Wednesday, December 10, 2014

December 10, 2014

It's Wednesday ... cage-cleaning day. I'll take pics of all the growing babies later. I need to go to the post office before I start and check the mailbox and see if my oil check arrived. I hope it did. I have to pay my house loan by the 15th or I may get my first late fee ... can't have that!

Well, I didn't get my check, yet. :( Sucks. Mailed my sales. Bought hay. Cleaned cages for a bit over 2 hours. Took pictures of babies! They are all growing so quickly!

Patty's babies are  11 days old! They are starting to eat hay!! They really do look like their father, Dakota. Not quite sure if they have his Rex coat, yet, though.
Patty and her babies. She's much more interested in food! ;)
Big Boy and Little Girl's twins. 8 days old.
Little Boy and Squabbie's twins. 8 days old. You can see Sheriff in the background.
Cassia's boys. 32 days old.
Damian - oblivious daddy.
Cassia and her girls. 32 days old. Waiting for their food!
Third load of laundry started ... must make a smoothie for lunch. Starving.

I love smoothies. But, damn! It's cold. Sitting here having a smoothie with my little space heater aimed at me! haha!

Well, hell. Just got a rain alert from The Weather Channel for my area tomorrow. Rain I want. Wind I don't want - 35-40mph!! I may not work tomorrow, after all. I dread being on the road with a bunch of lunatics on the Sacramento freeways. We'll see.

Just walked around the house, checking for stuff that can blow away or that will fill with water. Dumped out a couple of pots that were full of water already. Should be a good storm, according to TWC. Rain should start about 8 tonight. Supposed to rain Friday, too, so I might as well risk it tomorrow.

I've gotten back into exercising. I took a break for a while. Annoyed with my bad shoulders ... I've been doing my usual 100 (or more) jumps on the trampoline for over a week. I started doing 'rolling squats' recently and did 3 today! Getting better at it. And, today I did 5 counter push-ups! First ones in months! I used to do at least ten a day before my shoulders started bothering me (from all the overhead painting, I think.) And, I balanced on the exercise ball for a few minutes. Once my shoulders get back in shape, I'll try to start doing planks again.

Huh. This storm is looking to be really big or the media is blowing it out-of-proportion ... can't believe they are closing schools due to rain ... crazy. Never had that when I was going to school!

Oh, man, the chia chocolate pudding I made the other day was soooo good. I let it set in the fridge an extra day to get real thick. Added cream on top. So good.

New Criminal Minds on in 45 minutes!

No rain, yet ...

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