Friday, December 12, 2014

December 12, 2014

No rain today. So much for the 'big' storm ... at least in my area. Other areas did get some damage and flooding ...

I wish I'd been able to save all my hundreds of bookmarks in FireFox when I re-set my computer. I'm trying to find a lot of them now and no luck ... :/

The bunnies eyes are open!! And, they will not stay in their box! Patty is resorting to jumping in the box to get away from them! haha! They are hopping all over the cage. Luckily, their heads are too big to fall out of the cage like the one did the other day. So cute! And, at this point, I believe they are both little does! Nikky is driving me nuts with her whining. She so wants to lick the babies.
I have so much I should do today, but don't feel like it ... I have to go out this afternoon to see if the oil check shows up. Our mail always comes late in the day ...

Ugh. My mom wants to name the bunnies Connor and Parker ... I don't even know their gender for sure, yet! And, I don't want to keep any bucks!

Migraine ...

I've discovered that my speakers make a shrill noise when not in use. Even when turned all the way down.  Not sure what the problem is. I've cleaned them. They are fine when I am listening to something ... weird. I don't hear it when they are turned off ... and, I don't hear it through the headphones.

Sprinkled for a little while, but stopped again.

Well, my oil check finally came! Wasn't even $300 this month! I soooo miss the days of $400+. Luckily, I didn't spend all my cash at the co-op, so I could make up the difference and pay my loan before it was late! Crisis averted! haha!

Still have a migraine, though. My noisy mother doesn't help ...

Oh, but, I saw a big rainbow as I was leaving Davis! Pretty.

Mmmm. I love Wenslydale cheese with cranberries. Had to buy a wedge. So good. And, I am starving. My mom is just starting dinner. Spicy baked game bird and fried, sliced sweet potato. Blackberries in cream.

5: 45pm
Something weird seems to be going on with my graphic card or something ... hard to explain what it's doing. Hope it's not going out ...

Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.- Jim Rohn

Huh. I just figured out what the shrill noise was that I thought was my speakers. It was one of my external drives. I forgot it was noisy ... :/ Turned it off. No noise. duh.

My head is killing me and my neck is tight. Wish I could go to bed early ... but, my mom is watching TV and that room is right next to my bedroom ... and my critters are on a schedule. They eat and go to bed starting at 8:30pm, so I can't get to bed until at least 9 ... depending on how many food and water bowls need to be cleaned before they are re-filled, etc. Sometimes none, sometimes all ... I can't start early or they will expect that in the future ... then, they would be hungry part of the night until their breakfast at 7:30 ... silly critters ...

Gonna try to go to bed now that everyone is fed and in bed. This migraine is killing me. And, my damn bitchy mother is not helping ...

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