Saturday, December 13, 2014

December 13, 2014

This is not a good day. Didn't sleep most of the night This migraine is bad. Today is cage-cleaning day ... not happening. I got up at 7, as usual. Let Nikky out. Made my mom help me feed everyone breakfast (took longer than doing it myself ... go figure ...) Went back to bed for the first time in years! Still couldn't sleep ... so, got up and dressed at 9:30. I've taken feverfew and willow bark and ginger until I can't any more. Flushed out my sinuses with salt water. Just had some of my favorite tea and sitting here with a hot pad. My mom is making an omelet for lunch for me. Hopefully, I can at least get the bunnies' nest box and the male hamsters cleaned today. I should be able to do the rest tomorrow. But, those really need cleaning to get the wet bedding out. I don't think Nikky got breakfast ... :/
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I really need to go to the store, too. More bunny greens needed. I need to clean out a 5-gallon bucket to take. Right now I have 2 2-gallon buckets for the greens. But, with more bunnies, I need more food each day. I already buy a bigger bag of hay. I'd love to get an actual bale of hay, but the way they get cut, there is too much waste when the rabbits pull it out of the manger (I tried a small bale recently. It was cheaper, but more waste falling in the cage trays.) So, I will stick with the bags of Oxbow.
B001CQAIWG Oxbow Orchard Grass Hay - 40 oz

Gah! I feel so awful. But, I have to get those babies cleaned up.

I got the bedding changed on the two I mentioned. Barely. Wanted to fall over ... I have to get the rest done tomorrow. The bucks are starting to stink. That's why I try to get them done on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Any longer and the pee builds up in the towels I use in their trays. Plus, the doves need their perches scrubbed. Ugh. So much to do ...

Trying this tea that I got at the co-op yesterday. I'm always trying different ones to find out if I like it! Sometimes they grow on me, like the barley tea.
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Prince Of Peace
I added a spoonful of coconut oil to it.

We're having lamb patties; raw sauerkraut; raspberries in cream; milk with potato starch, for dinner.
Still have migraine. Bad.

I've been in agony all day. Now, hopefully, it's subsiding. Maybe I can sleep tonight ... Just fed everyone and put them to bed. Happy critters. Lights out!

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