Tuesday, December 16, 2014

December 16, 2014

Just got back from the co-op. Got me some more Wensleydale with cranberries cheese. Love that stuff. And, I got a really good organic ginger root that has a few 'eyes' that I hope to plant later.
Right now I am dismantling the light fixtures in the kitchen. Already took all the fluorescent tubes out to the trunk of my car. Going to eat some lunch and then turn the power off to take the fixtures off the ceiling. Tomorrow, after I clean cages, I'll do the measuring to find the ceiling joists (beams) to support the fixtures and also measure where the cord chains will reach the plugs. I am NOT putting the fixtures on the house wiring. They will all be plug-in lamps with switches in the cords. I will get at least one of them up over the sink and stove area on Friday.

Turning computer off so I can turn the power off.

Yay! I did it! Got those ugly, industrial-looking light fixtures removed from my ceiling! Lots of holes to patch whenever we finally get to painting the kitchen, but now I can get the nice lights up and finally be able to see in there without using a bunch of little under-counter lights that I installed a couple years ago! It's always been so dark in there! The ceiling lights never worked right since we've been here. I removed the drop-ceiling a couple years ago just so I could get to them, but never got around to removing them. But, by Friday, I'll have at least one new light fixture installed. My shoulders are killing me now. I really had no idea how heavy those things would be, so I made my mom get up on the little footstool to help me as I lowered each one (there were 3 of them.) I could have done it myself, but probably would have either hurt myself or ripped bigger holes in the ceiling as it all came crashing down! haha! I tape-wrapped the house wiring and shoved it back up into the ceiling since I'm not going to hook into it with the new lights.
Capitol Reef National Park
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Blue days, all of them gone
Nothing but blue skies from now on

~ Irving Berlin

I am loving this new timer that I found! http://www.timer-tab.com

Just fixed the space heater my mom is using. Somehow, the no-tip button broke and the heater would not turn on ...

I finally re-arranged the big table and my sewing machines so that I can actually use my sewing machines! I have 2 or 3 things I need to get made this week.

I think I ate too much! We had fried chicken leg quarters; fried fingerling potatoes, bell pepper strips and onions; and milk with potato starch. Stuffed!

It's raining, it's pouring! Love it!

I'm in several groups on FaceBook that, for the most part, are interesting and informative. I just left an animal group that has really been irritating me. It seems many of the members are pretty young, but their insistence on certain things, like the housing size for the animal, gets really dictatorial! And, yet, they insist that the processed garbage they feed is optimal and they wonder why Fluffball, Jr. just dropped dead at only 7 months old, etc. 'Oh, my Fluffball loves those!' Couldn't take it any more, so I left.

I'm loving the color & design combinations of the fabrics I picked for my little sewing projects. Can't wait to make them!

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