Friday, December 19, 2014

December 19, 2014

I'm home earlier than I expected to be. I went to the co-op in Davis first and got the bunny greens. I didn't stop at the GoodWill or the landfill to empty the stuff out of my trunk because it was pouring down hard! I'll do it tomorrow after I take the hamsters to the pet shop. But, the downpour stopped while I was at my store in Dixon, luckily. The reset was at the fuel center across the parking lot from the main store. It's a long walk back and forth, so glad I didn't get soaked doing that!

Now, to get my paper work done and then try to figure out the lighting issue that came up last night! Hope it's just the socket ...

Well, that sucks. It wasn't the socket. So, it's got to be one of the 4 switches on that line. And, I don't have any extra switches and can't get any until after the first! So, I have no overhead light in my office or the laundry room. But, the under-cabinet lights in the laundry room work, as do all the sockets in there.  So, the line runs from the outside carport light by the door to the laundryroom overhead light; then, wraps around to the kitchen to the short wall between the laundry room and my office that has the socket and the switch to my overhead light. Nothing else. The wiring in this place is so weird. It's a double-wide trailer, but there had to be better wiring diagrams than this! So, I'll be using my little desk lamp and opening the shades on the window to get a little light in here. Might give me incentive to change out my overhead light, too. I want this fixture in my bedroom eventually and put one of the new ones in here ... we'll see.

Still can't do my paperwork ... My work website is not updated with this project for me to enter it. I've called my manager, but she hasn't gotten back to me! Annoyed!!

Gotta try to finish putting up that ceiling light in the kitchen today ... so not in the mood, but it's gotta get done!

We has light!! This is the brightest this kitchen has been since we bought the place!
Once I get the other two up on the other side of the island, it'll be the brightest room in the house! :)

Finally got my store entered. Had to email most of the info on the returns to my manager so she could enter them another way ...

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