Saturday, December 20, 2014

December 20, 2014

I can't believe I didn't get out of bed until 8 this morning!! I am so behind on everything already. So, I just pulled the rabbits' bedding for the washer. Gave the rabbits carrots for breakfast. Pulled bowls and water bottles for my mom to wash and handled the hamsters for a few minutes. My mom is washing the bunny greens buckets as that's what I am transporting the hamsters around the corner to the pet shop in. Then, I am taking a bunch of stuff next door to the GoodWill. After that, I'll head to the landfill to drop off the fluorescent tubes and old light fixtures on my way to the co-op for greens and a few other things. Busy morning. Then, I'll come home and clean cages ...

Got home a few minutes ago. Now, I'm sipping on a very cold smoothie! With my space heater on me! But, I was in the mood for a creamy smoothie.

I can't believe I forgot to take a last picture of my hamster pups! I was in such a hurry this morning to get to everything! :( But, they are all at the pet shop now ... The owners were happy with them and how friendly they were! I didn't handle them as much as I should have, but guess it was enough. They said they would buy more from me in the future, too. And, they might be interested in bunnies if they don't have any of their own in the store at the time (they raise Dutch rabbits and hamsters, too. And, Patty - as well as my hamster Zihna - was originally one of theirs'.) But, not the doves. I can put a sign up for the doves, though, on their bulletin board. So, that's great!
Now, if I could just get Zihna to get pregnant! Damian tries and tries, but it never seems to 'take'. Cassia will have a break until next month. I may need to get another female hamster sooner than I had planned ...

I'm exhausted. I got the rabbit and dove cages cleaned, but the hamsters have to wait until tomorrow morning. I need to shred more paper ...

I did not get the holiday presents packaged in time to send them today, as I had planned, to the few that I normally send to. So, they will not get mailed until Monday and may not arrive at their destinations until Friday. Christmas is Thursday. Sorry. :/

I broke my desk lamp earlier ... It is so dark in here. I'm falling asleep. Fifteen minutes until I start feeding all the critters their dinner and putting them to bed. I might go to bed early, too ...
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