Sunday, December 21, 2014

December 21, 2014

Well, it is dark in here ... looks like I may be putting up more lights today ... my office and craft area are like a tomb. Not enough light coming in from the windows (very cloudy) or the other rooms ... sucks. I wanted to sew today ... :(

The sun tried to come out ... and failed. But, I will have light in my office in a few minutes. I found my hanging craft light in the closet! And, my mom moved one of her floor lamps into my craft room. So, we have light!

And, I have the hamsters all cleaned up and 3 extra bags of shredded paper for the coming week. Now, to figure out what to have for lunch and then iron some fabric for the little mug rugs I am making.

I better feed the rabbits their lunch snack! Sheriff is tossing his bowls! Impatient boy!

So, I have my office back in shape. Cleared out a bunch of excess that didn't belong on my floor. Hung the craft lamp up. Now, to eat and then to iron, measure and cut some fabric. 

Finally have 2 mug rugs cut out and pinned. So, tomorrow morning, I'll be sewing them together! These will go in my online shop and cross-posted on several other sites.
Just have to find which drawer I put the batting in so I can cut that to size for the middle of the rugs. They need to be slightly insulated for the hot cup that will sit on it. The little pocket on the right is for an extra teabag or spoon to rest in. You can kind of see my own mug rug sitting on the ironing board in the first pic.

Some people really annoy the hell out of me, yet I can't avoid them ... and, I'm not actually talking about my mom in this instance. ;)

Tea time!
B00ECOWA44 Tiesta Tea Relaxer Fruit Tea, Nutty Almond Cream, 4.0 Ounce
Tiesta Tea
And, I found the batting. I have more left than I thought! Can make more stuff! I have a hot pad and mitt set I want to make, so I'll have enough to do that.

Just had to take a pic of the bunnies eating their dinner. They are 22 days old. They still nurse from Patty, of course, too. And, they love hay.

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