Tuesday, December 23, 2014

December 23, 2014

Just used the last of my gas and my last $4 cash to go to Food4Less to get veggies for the rabbits. I knew I didn't have enough gas to go to Davis ... I'll get some cash tomorrow, for the store I serviced last week, that has to last until Jan. 2 when my mom's SS arrives. And, my forced vacation ends that day. I just hope I can sell a few things this week ... but, my mom is already bugging me this morning to put another of the lights up in the kitchen ... it never ends with her. :( My plans each day don't matter ... I get everything organized in my head the night before what I plan on doing & how long it may take and it all gets shattered before 9 am. So, the nightgown she begged me to repair for her today is not going to get done, either ...

We have another light in the kitchen ... big whoop. I'm not in a good mood.
Headache! Gah!

Need food.

Gotta start some bone broth. Getting too many bones stacking up in the freezer.

OK. Bone broth is started. I was nice and sewed a new hem on her nightgown. Now, to try and get the pattern cut for the hotpad/mitt set I want to make!

Well, I got the hotpads cut out. I love the fabric for the square, but not happy with the hanger. May save those for another project and make different hangers for this one. I'll sew them together tomorrow afternoon. I might get the mitt cut out later. I should have just enough batting to do that.
I received the seeds I won on Listia the other day. Hope to get them planted in the next few days. I still need to hang the grow light ...

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