Wednesday, December 24, 2014

December 24, 2014

So, this is gonna be fun. I have $30 to last until January 2. I have to get gas, hay and meat today to last until that time. Hmmm.

Cages are clean. Critters are fed. Making hummingbird food. Need to find me something to eat. Might just make a slushie (I don't want to use up all my milk to make a smoothie, since it has to last ...)
I did get some gas, some meat, hay and the bunny greens. Should be enough greens until this Friday for them.

Mmm. I made this strawberry slushie. I used 1 tablespoon maple syrup for the sweetener, juice from ½ a lemon instead of citric acid, and added a banana.
Need to get load #3 into the wash ... and fill the hummingbird feeders and put them back out. Some pissed off, hungry hummers keep buzzing past the window in the TV room! haha!

I got the grow light put up!! Hope my ginger appreciates it and grows! My mom never did plant the herbs the other day, so I should get those up in the next few days and also the feverfew & skullcap that I won on Listia. So, I'll have quite a few little planters sitting under that light soon.
I really should get those hotpads sewn, but not in the mood today. So, I am going to take pictures of a few things that I hope to sell soon.

I got 2 sets of bowls listed on the local antique site on FaceBook. I don't know if I want to try to sell them on eBay because of the shipping cost. They are heavy ...

Set of 6 Anchor Hocking Fire King bowls. These are avocado green 8-ounce bowls. My mother said she got them out of Duz detergent before I was born (1963.)
Asking $25.00 for all.
Woodland, CA.
 Set of 3 white nesting mixing bowls by Lynn's Stoneware. My aunt got these in the late 1970s. Nice, heavy bowls.
Asking $40 for set.
Woodland, CA.
I think we have taken a turn for the colder. Getting into the 30s at night. And, very cold wind right now when I took Nikky out. Supposed to be 20-30mph tomorrow.

I must get more things listed online tomorrow. Gotta make some money! But, I also have to cook some stuff. I'm making 2 gamebirds in the crockpot, some macaroons, and maybe something else.

Whew. Got everyone fed and in bed. And, did all of my exercises (100 jumps on the trampoline, 3 rolling squats, 10 counter push-ups and 10 seconds of reaching up to the top of the door jamb while standing on my tiptoes - just started doing that.)

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