Thursday, December 25, 2014

December 25, 2014

Happy Pagan Holidays Taken over by Christ-mongers & Corporations! ;) Bet that caught your attention!
Yeah, Christmas ain't what it used to be, that's for sure. I don't think I really ever "believed" in it. To me, Christmas was always stressful. I am not a people person and most of my relatives were not all that likeable ... And, "Santa" ... well, Santa always arrived in a little cream-colored convertible Ford Falcon from the Bay area in the guise of my aunt Juanita. She never had kids and had one neice ... me. And, she had money that she didn't have anyone else to spend it on. So, I got showered with bribes every time she visited, especially at Christmas. She brought more gifts than 'Santa' ... and, a lot of it was 'girlie' stuff. She never really 'knew' me ... for that matter, no one did ... 'be a good little girl' ... so, yeah, the gift-giving can be fun, if done right, I guess. But, most really go overboard with 'stuff' that's never going to be used and ends up in the bottom of the closet ... so much money and time wasted (and sometimes lives) to get a gift that's not really wanted or used or enjoyed. And, 'it's the thought that counts' is a load of bull, really. And, 'the reason for the season' ... well, most people don't even know the 'reason'! And, it has NOTHING to do with anyone being born in a manger, for cryin' out loud! Ah, well ... end of Winter season rant ... for now ... ;)

In other news, I'm about to make some yummy food with very few ingredients. Here's the plan:
Slow Cooker Lemon Pepper Cornish Hens 
No Bake Chocolate Macaroons

And, this, minus the cranberries and orange, but added anise stars, pine essential oil, peppermint essential oil and orange zest!

One batch of bone broth done and jarred; another batch started! Two Cornish game birds washed and in the other crockpot! Holiday air freshener on the stove - smells good! Setting out ingredients for the macaroons next! I am OUT of vanilla!! So, I used almond extract, instead.

Macaroons are in the freezer! Can't wait to have some! They were messy to make, though!

We'll also be having cranberries in a wild rice blend. And, an apple/carrot/date salad.

Now, I need to forage for the bunnies, as it's as 'warm' as it will get today - 55°F. I really need to locate another store that gives away veggie cuttings ... Just going to the co-op was fine when I just had Robin and Sheriff, but it's getting more difficult to go to the co-op every other day and sometimes there is just not enough in the buckets to last two days (four feedings for four adults and 2 babies - plus 3 adult hamsters.) So, I am having to buy more. It will be better in spring, when there is more forage in my yard. The rains we had last week really helped, though. So, there is a lot of new growth.

Sadly, our 3 little Meyer lemons that spent most of the year growing got attacked by slugs and ants ... :( I pulled them off the tree ... better luck next year.
I was able to salvage most of them. The rotted-looking one, I cut the bad half off for the compost and the other half I sliced into my holiday air freshener on the stove. The other 2, I will juice into ice trays. So, not a total loss!
The macaroons turned out really good, but are very cold!
A bit too much flash from the camera!
I'll have 5 lemon ice cubes! Not bad for 2 lemons!

Nikky is savoring her dinner (an hour early ...) She had ground turkey/beef raw pet food mixture (the co-op grinds it from the whole animal - meat, bones and organs), one piece each of dehydrated duck, liver, fish and lamb lung, and this chicken foot. Ezra had the same, except for the chicken foot - he won't eat those yet.
The bunnies and hamsters are having what I foraged this morning, plus cucumber. The doves got a millet spray earlier.

So, I didn't get any sewing done today. I'll finish that hotpad set tomorrow after I get back from the co-op - gotta get those bunny greens ... And, I 'might' lay out the big ceiling fan/light and see where I want to install it in the critter room. I'll at least measure the chain and cord, to see which socket it will reach. I'm still not sure if I will need to get something extra to attach to the ceiling to support it. I'll have to really look it over and read the manual. It is big and heavy.

I am stuffed. Dinner was yummy. And, now that the second crockpot is empty, I'm starting another batch of bone broth. One of my freezers was getting over-run with bones waiting to be cooked down.
The quality of my photos seems to be going down (blurry) ... I may need a new battery for my camera soon.
Exercise - 100 jumps on the trampoline, 4 rolling squats, 10 counter push-ups, 10 seconds door jamb reach.
I'm working up to where I was before I stopped purposely exercising a few months ago. I want to start riding my bike to the local park and using some of the equipment there occasionally. And, get Nikky out more.

I have a bunch of stuff I will be putting up online tomorrow and in the coming week. Hope I get some takers! Need the money. There will be more antiques, a few more books and some animal supplies. And, more affiliate links.

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