Saturday, December 27, 2014

December 27, 2014

Yesterday was a weird day. Today already feels like it will be, too. I just feel kind of 'off' ... not sick, but hard to explain.

It's only 34°F right now. My hands are freezing. My mom has already blew a fuse with her little space heater. She keeps moving it to already over-loaded sockets. I put it where it won't blow them, but then she moves the furniture around and it's not next to her chair ... ugh. Annoying ...

Critters are fed and clean. Second load of laundry is in the wash.

Still cold. I can't warm up today. Having some tea for lunch. With some rice crackers and cinnamon cheese.
B00ECOVS3S Tiesta Tea Eternity Herbal Tea, Blueberry Wild Child, 4.0 Ounce
Tiesta Tea

My mom cleaned all the knickknacks on the shelves in the TV room yesterday after she took the decorations down. So, today I cleaned the shelves and put all the knickknacks back up for her.

Waiting on a possible buyer for some vintage bowls I have listed in a FaceBook group.
Hoping to bid on some more seeds on Listia that close later today.

Got a couple more things listed online.

I have so much 'stuff' I should be doing ... :(

I hate waiting for people to get back to me about sales, too ...

But, I got my exercises done!

No show on the sales. And, outbid on the seeds. And, my mom is obsessing about there not being enough food to last until next Friday when her SS money comes ... We have enough ... barely. But, there is enough.

So, I finished watching the British series, The A to Z of TV Gardening last night. It was an interesting series and I learned a few things. One of the reasons I'm finally trying to grow ginger was a spot about it on that show. Tonight, I'm going to try a series I used to watch as a kid - Ark II. Should be fun. There are 15 episodes, so it'll take me about a week to watch them all, since they were half-hour shows.

We are having baked turkey wing; and fried potatoes & bell peppers scrambled in eggs for dinner.

I need to look up some recipes for the next few days for the ingredients that I do have ...:/

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