Monday, December 29, 2014

December 29, 2014

Busy morning already. I cleaned spots with the carpet cleaner in the Critter Room. Something is clogging the fluid line, so I had to use a spray bottle. Don't feel like taking the machine apart to clear it right now. At least the suction still works!

I got the cobwebs out of the laundry room.

Next is measuring the cords and chains for the fans in the Critter Room and my mom's room. And, drilling the holes for the hooks. I hate doing that. I always get dust in my eyes, even with glasses on ...

Had a rice tortilla with cinnamon butter for lunch again. Those are good. But, that was the last tortilla.

Waiting on a FreeCycler to pick up the metal canisters I listed yesterday. She's on her way.

I measured the chains for the fans. I need to get 3 more chain/electrical cord swag sets to get the rest of the lights up. I have one left, so I'll be hanging the fan in my mom's room tomorrow.

Yay. The FreeCycler picked up! I love when they don't flake! :)

Finished making the Chia Chillers to have with dinner tonight. We're having game bird with salad.
Now, to find all the ingredients to make a chocolate cake! Hope I have everything ...

The cake is in the oven! I made this recipe: Sweet Surprise Gluten-Free Chocolate Cake on page 63 of this book:
B00926FAMG 13 Quick & Easy Gluten-free Cake Recipes (The Ultimate Collection of Gluten Free Recipes)
Emma Charles

Oh, man. This cake is pretty good! I almost forgot to take a pic of it.
I've been doing a lot of cleaning a la FlyLady lately. I've really made a dent in some areas. My bedroom has almost no clutter. I even found a few more things that I decided to list online to sell. My exercycle has been uncovered so I can start using it again, too.

Set of ten stoneware cups. Made in Japan. Early 1980s.
 More stuff to list tomorrow. I just hope something sells this week!

I'm going to 'try' to start a jigsaw puzzle tomorrow on my big craft table. Hopefully, my mom won't finish it for me like the last one. She frustrates me so much. She spends her days reading or making puzzles. But, when I try to make one, she takes over. So, I gave up on them years ago. But, I miss making them! The computer ones just aren't enough sometimes. I started making 1000+ piece puzzles by the time I was 5. So, that may be a 'resolution'. To make puzzles again! And, I want to find a couple of them that were damaged years ago that I grew up with. Mainly a circular giraffe puzzle - I think it was a Big Ben. I did replace my Napolean Bonaparte about 10 years ago. I think I want to make my old Quan Yin on a Rockery first.

Tomorrow will be fun. I have to take the bus to the co-op in Davis for bunny greens. Need to dress warm and take my e-Reader with me, along with the buckets.

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