Wednesday, December 3, 2014

December 3, 2014

Done with cage cleaning. Another record, since there are more to care for since the last time I did the cleaning in 90 minutes!

The hamsters are doing great. The pups will get their own room on Saturday.
The rabbits are doing great. The bunnies are really growing! Thank goodness, I found no bodies when I moved cages and pulled up the floor sheets, etc. I really wasn't sure when I only found the two babies the other night!
The doves - a funny thing is that a friend asked yesterday about the doves since I hadn't mentioned them in a while. I told her that the two older pair were each sitting on two eggs and that I'd have to candle them today after I clean cages to make sure if they are viable. Wellll ... don't have to candle them, after all! All four eggs have hatched overnight!

Well, I need to rest a bit and then go pay a few bills that I couldn't pay online this morning and get a few groceries and a couple gallons of gas ...

I got rained on. :) It was nice. I got everything done, anyway. Came home and checked on all the babies. The hamsters are all sleeping, so I didn't bother them. But, here are pics of the dove babies and the bunnies.

Big Boy and Little Girl feeding one of their babies.
Little Boy sitting on his twins. Squabbie was not on the nest, but was eating.
Patty's babies.
They both are colored like their daddy, Dakota. Not sure if they have normal hair or Rex, like Dakota, yet.
The sun is coming out from behind the clouds. Bah! :(
Olympic National Park
Flickr user Michael R. Renfrow | Olympic National Park, Washington | View a larger image and leave a comment.

You say, it's dark. And in truth, I did place a cloud before your sun. But do you not see how the edges of the cloud are already glowing and turning light.
~ Friedrich Nietzsche

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