Wednesday, December 31, 2014

December 30-31, 2014

As if I didn't have enough problems to deal with ... I discovered a huge one last night ... I have to replace part of my bedroom floor/subfloor ... One of the legs of my bed went through it ... So, I pulled the mattress off and slept on the floor ... and, it was more comfortable! So, I might go back to sleeping at floor level permanently. I need to take the bed apart later today so I can see how much of the floor has to be replaced and also move the old cedar wardrobe along that same (outside) wall. But, before that I need to get up my courage to go out in the windstorm to catch the bus to Davis. 30mph winds today ... and cooooold. It's 40°F, but the wind chill is 29°F! Brrr.

Basically, this day is shot. I have to get to the bus stop by 9:30am and won't be back home until 12:30pm. The things I do for my critters ... and, I'll probably have to do this on Thursday, too ... but, at least it won't be so windy then.

I also need to go over on Friday and talk to my cousin about the floor. It's not something I can do myself because I have no way to haul the wood I'll need ... I hate that. If the trunk of my car was just about 6 inches wider, I could slide the wood in when the back seats are pulled down. But, I've tried that before and no go. Plus, I don't have a circular saw and don't like to use them.

Well, if it's not one problem, it's ten ... Lost power yesterday around noon. Not sure what the problem is. I woke up this morning and the power was back ... Yesterday, when I got back from Davis, my mom said the power had gone out about ten minutes before. I checked with the neighbor to see if he had power and he did. I thought maybe that the high winds we are having had knocked down a line or something ... wishful thinking! So, I called the utility company to find out if there was an outage in the area or if it was just me. It was just me ... figures ... I had already checked the fuse box in the house and the main box outside and could see no blown fuses. But, I went out again and flipped the three outside switches. The top one would not stay in the 'on' position. So, while talking with the utility company, they said they would send someone out to make sure it wasn't a problem on their end ... by then it was after 2pm. I waited another hour, went out and tried the fuse again. Still wouldn't stay, as far as I could tell. I called cousin Curtis ... no answer! He always answers his phone! I called four times and nothing! I called Betty, a family friend, and no answer there, either! I don't know anybody else ... Utility company never called, never came. So, we went to bed at 6, just to keep warm. Curtis called at 6:30; said his phone was on the charger and never rang. He saw the message light when he took it off the charger! So, he is coming over today. BUT, the power was on when I got up, so I don't know what is going on! My mom just came out of her room and said the power came on at about 1:30 this morning as her TV came on and woke her up!

Critters are clean and fed.

Curtis came over, but he couldn't figure out what had been the problem with the electricity ... he said to call the utility company again and see if they have any ideas ... but, I really can't see the point right now ... I just know, I am going to have to try to save my money and get an electrician over here at some point ... somehow. Curtis can't help because his stocks took a dive, so he is low on cash right now ... his brother has been bugging him for money, as usual. He offered to pay his rent and utilities for a couple of months, but big brother basically attacked him and cussed him out, etc. Steven can be violent when he doesn't get his way ... he is beyond a lost cause. Curtis has finally given up on him, I think. He even said, if he ends up back on the street, he's not going to help him again. He's had to help Steven out many times in the past and before that it was their mom (my aunt Jeanne) and dad. But, they are gone, now. It's sad. He's nearly 59 years old and has always expected others to do things for him. He's very intelligent, but never has used that intelligence for anything except (as Curtis said this morning) conniving people.

It's been a long day of cleaning and sorting things. Found a few more things to try and sell and more things to take to the landfill on Friday.

And, I've made 10 simple postcards to mail for PostCrossing and friends tomorrow.

We two have paddled in the stream,
from morning sun till dine;
But seas between us broad have roared
since days of long ago. 

Robert Burns

Let's hope 2015 is our best year, yet! 

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