Saturday, December 6, 2014

December 6, 2014

Well, today's the day! The male hamster pups will get their own room. Don't want any unfortunate incidents with their sisters or mother! haha! All the babies in the critter room are doing great. The two bunnies are fine this morning. I made them a new nest last night that they can't get out of, yet! All four dove babies are fat and sassy. And, of course, the seven hamster pups are growing quickly.

And, Nikky is driving me nuts wanting to see the bunnies. Patty is not impressed and neither am I! It was bad enough when she was obsessed with the hamsters who are 3 feet over her head (their tanks are up on cabinets.) But, Patty's cage is at floor level ... ugh.

Two hours to clean cages and set up the male hamsters. Three males and four females. I'll advertise them for the next few weeks and then decide if I will keep one of the females. But, if no one sells, they will be headed for the freezer.
Next month, I'll be deciding which of the doves will be headed for sale or the freezer. Dovelet, #1 and Doveling should be showing their gender behaviors by then.

Listening to more Daniel Vitalis podcasts.

I need food. Then, I'll be cleaning dropper bottles so I can list them online later.

I haven't had a smoothie in a couple of weeks. It's been too chilly. But, I was in the mood today. I added a couple of ingredients to my usual recipe - ¼ teaspoon of turmeric and 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar. Gives it a bit of a zing. Good stuff.

My mom put too much sea salt in the last batch of water ... feels too 'soft' in my mouth. Weird feeling. We 'filter' the tap water by adding sea salt and dechlorinator. We keep it in a 2-gallon glass bottle in the fridge. Between all the critters and us, we re-fill it once or twice a day.

Bedtime pictures:
Cassia with her 4 girls.
Three hammy boys.
Patty's buns.
Little Girl with her twins.
Squabbie protecting her two.
Ezra supervising.

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