Sunday, December 7, 2014

December 7, 2014

Well, I let my mom decorate the TV room. I had to finally put the outside umbrella in the shed (I kept forgetting!) and saw a few of the Christmas things out there on the shelves. Thought that would be better than trying to dig the bins out of my closet! So, she was happy. I cleaned the big sliding windows and the kitchen windows (on the inside; I should do the outside, too ...,) so she could put up the little window clings. I cleaned the ceiling fan and the shelves, too. I'm still sneezing from all the dust!
Kind of hard to see all of the window clings with the curtains in the way.
As always, Ezra supervised. He's laying on an appliqued Christmas blanket ... the design is on the other side ...

Went to the co-op in Davis this morning for more greens and a few other things. I'll go again on Tuesday.

Just made a yummy lunch. I thinly sliced a Fuji apple, a new red potato (about the same size as the apple) and 1 frozen bratwurst sausage. I fried them in bacon grease. Topped with sea salt and pepper. Mmmm.

Sold a book on eBay, so that's always good. I need to get a few more listed on there.

Trying to decide what to do tomorrow. I'm only working two days this week (Tuesday and Thursday.) Then, I have 1 store that has to be done on 12/15. After that, I am off until the New Year ... so, I really need to get some stuff listed in my online shops and on the local FaceBook 'yard sale' groups. Still have tons of books, VHS tapes and antiques to go through. So much stuff ...

I'm always sort of overwhelmed by all the 'stuff' I need to do, so I end up doing pretty much nothing useful ... I have lists and do seem to get some things crossed off, but there are always more being added ...

My new favorite weird, unusual snack is - pork rinds sprinkled with cinnamon/sugar, dipped in cream cheese and almond butter. Told you it was weird. But, it's good!

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