Tuesday, December 9, 2014

December 9, 2014

Early work day today. Just had one store here in town to service and went to the co-op for bunny greens. Came home and packaged up some sales that will be mailed tomorrow. Need more of those!

Kind of a lazy day. And, I'm cold today. I may have to turn on my little space heater. I'm making this Bulletproof Chai recipe to warm me up a bit. I've kind of joined an elimination challege over on Steve Cooksey's Diabetes Warrior FaceBook page. I'm not diabetic, but it's a fun group. This is Day 2 for me. I chose 'no honey' for my challenge. So, I did not use honey in this recipe. I used maple syrup. hahaha. I'm so bad!

Oh, that is yummy chai! I used barley tea and it turned out really good.

Researching different email programs. I just am no longer happy with IncrediMail. I've used it since it was invented, but the most recent incarnations (the past few years since they dropped IM-Xe for IM2) have been more than frustrating. I tried Mozilla Thunderbird a few weeks ago, but was not happy with it. Before IncrediMail, I used Outlook, but I don't remember liking it. My computer has Windows Live Mail pre-installed, so I am researching that ... As long as I can use stationery of some sort, that will be a plus.

Getting a headache ... :/ Trying to find a blender I can afford that has a glass pitcher and a good motor ... but, it's not gonna happen this month ...

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