Sunday, January 4, 2015

January 4, 2015

I'll be going shopping and to the co-op in a little while. I'll be staying at the co-op for the craft circle from 4-6, too.

It's kind of a blah day. Just have no 'want' to do anything. But, I did organize my embroidery box and card stock to take with me this afternoon. I found a cute design to make some cards.

I still need to get my paperwork together for work tomorrow. I better get that done now. I won't want to do it tonight!

Back from the craft circle. Eating dinner. Lentils/wild rice and chicken soup.
It's a pretty night with a full moon! The craft circle was relaxing. I got a cute embroidered card finished. I'll share a pic of it after it's delivered next week. Before I went to the co-op, I stopped at a couple of other stores to find some lamp oil and new gloves and a few other things.

I am so cold right now, though, so I'm in front of my little space heater eating hot soup. After I'm done, I need to go through my email and the medias and then work on my jigsaw puzzle. I sorted out the edge pieces last night, so I'll put those together tonight.

Sun and Water
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Live in rooms full of light.
~ Aulus Cornelius Celsus

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