Sunday, January 11, 2015

January 11, 2015

OK. This really sucks. I am completely out of black ink on my 3-in-1 printer. So, of course, the SCANNER will not work! That makes no sense at all, Canon! I've searched the error code and that is the problem. So, I can't print AND I can't scan ... Arrrghghghghg! I can't get ink until next month!!!! My oil check finally came and I bought FOOD ... :(

And, of course, the 2 working flat-bed scanners I had in my closet for several years got recycled a few months ago ... :/

I guess I'll use my camera to take the picture of my PostCrossing card I received ...
Chief Joseph - a very wise man
I received some really good swaps, too. Vintage beads, quilling papers, jewelry findings and more. Good stuff. I need to finish packaging up a couple of swaps that are due out this week, too!

Raspberry tea topped with raw cream ... mmmmm.

I'm making slow cooker roast pork with onion, potato and carrot for dinner. Smells good! There will be fresh blackberries in raw cream, too.

Shit! I can't even print a shipping label!!!

Hmmm. I might be able to take a jump drive to Staples and print it out ...
This is what I made for one of my swaps that I am sending out this week. A whimsy jar. It's filled with some craft goodies. The jar is a recycled amber glass vitamin bottle.
Oh, man, dinner was so good!

I stopped at the park again this morning on my way home from the co-op. It was about 11am and VERY busy. Lots of dogs and kids and families ... but, I walked, hung on the chin-up bar and parallel bars, walked the balance beam at least 15 times without losing my balance (getting better!), the steps and the swing. I'll stop again tomorrow after work.

I warned my mom tonight that the satellite TV will probably shut down by the end of the month. It's 1½ months late. So, she better start thinking about re-learning how to use an antenna or learn not to watch TV so much! If I could just get her to use one of the computers, she could watch stuff on there ... but, she won't touch them. She can watch on the flat screen TV the stuff I put on a jump drive or external drive. She figured that out (after much explaining ...), so that is one option. But, I know she'll want me to move that TV into her bedroom until the weather warms up and she starts using the TV room again instead of holing up in her bedroom like she has the past few weeks ...

So, this is what's growing in the pot that I planted the ginger in. Not sure any of it is ginger! We shall see!

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