Wednesday, January 21, 2015

January 21, 2015

I got home after 5, last night. Barely time to do much of my usual things. I ate, watched an old movie (China Seas), did my paperwork, fed & bedded down the critters, then worked on my puzzle and some hot chocolate. I was so tired, I didn't get up until 7:30 this morning. One good thing yesterday! I got one of my checks in the mail! Only $58, but it will sure help today. I need more hay, drain cleaner and food! Yeah, the kitchen sink still won't clear ... and, to top it off, the mobile home park did finally turn the water off yesterday. There is so much air in the lines and so much sediment that my bathroom faucet won't work and the washer is just a trickle ... fun times around here ...

I'll clean cages after I go to the bank, etc.

Done cleaning cages. But, I have to go out after lunch (bacon!) because I forgot to get more seed for the doves!!! And, the bunnies are already out of greens!! Ugh. It is so darn foggy today. But, I gotta do it. They can't get their own food.

Back from the store and pet shop. I didn't have enough gas fumes left in the car to go to the co-op, so I had to buy a few greens at Food4Less to last until morning. :(

Almost time for dinner. Pork steaks and lentils and raw milk. Mmmm. And, G-Men!

Almost time for a new Criminal Minds! Getting my hot chocolate ready!

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