Sunday, January 25, 2015

January 25, 2015

Oh, my! I think I just found my new crafting passion that I want to learn - needle felting! Just joined a couple of FB groups to learn more about it!

My mother moved her furniture around AGAIN! So, I had to move the TV, etc. AGAIN!

I finished another puzzle last night and now starting the third for the year.
This one is for sale, as it's a duplicate.
Still fighting with the kitchen drain ... I can't really do anything drastic with the pipes until my mom's SS comes and I can risk cracking some to get to the clog, which is down past the bend in the wall ... I will have to go under the house to get to it, most likely. Until then, I pour more stuff down and plunge ...

OMG! My mother is a whiny bitch ... You'd think she was 3 and wasn't getting her way! The TV messed up while I was outside foraging and now she's throwing a tantrum because I didn't come fix it when she called for me! I was outside foraging for the rabbits' dinner, how am I supposed to hear her!?


Can't get into my work website to get my paperwork ready for tomorrow until 7pm! They are changing all of our entry forms, etc. for a new way of figuring our pay that includes mileage, etc. Still not sure if it is going to be a good thing because I think they are going to readjust some of the territories and I may lose stores. My manager says no, but I'm still unsure ... :/ Like I don't have enough things to worry about ...

Thank goodness. Everyone is fed and in bed, including my mom!
We watched House of Wax for our dinner movie tonight. Love Vincent Price.

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