Saturday, January 3, 2015

January 3, 2015

Ho hum ... yesterday I went back to work. It was a very annoying day. I came home in a very bad mood ... parts of the day were good, but parts were extremely annoying/upsetting ... for once, not my mom's doing! haha!

Well, I got all the cages cleaned, baby doves' feet cleaned, rabbits' nails clipped, exercise time for all the doves and rabbits and the Critter Room vacuumed in 2½ hours. Lots of pics!
Big Boy and Little Girl with their twins
Little Boy, Squabbie and their two
Palomar and Dovelet
#1 and Doveling
This one was last night. Patty showing her babies how to eat a small head of cabbage!
Kayla's getting a dewlap (that's the extra skin under her jaw where does pluck a lot of their hair for their nests)! She's almost old enough (she's 6½ months old) and big enough to breed.
Lovable brat, Sheriff
The exercise pen didn't hold Patty or the bunnies. The are so small, they squeezed out!
I became a mountain to climb!
Back in their clean room with food
The bunnies are five weeks old today. Three more weeks until they can be sold and to determine their gender and decide if I will keep one (if a doe ...)

Had to make a decision I didn't want to make today. I am giving up on our last two credit cards. Never going to get them paid. I have to save up money to hire an electrician to figure out what's up with our power. The main fuse went off again a little bit ago, but I was able to get it back on. I want to just get the 3 breakers in the main box replaced as I don't know how old they are. Then, I can gradually replace all of those in the fuse box in the house (I know how to safely do those.) I really hate bailing on the rest of the credit cards, but I have no choice right now. Both of our credit is already screwed, so it's not like it can go much lower ... :/

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I'm so damn cold, I'm tempted to move my office back in my bedroom! Ha! I won't, though, since I have to replace the floor ... another reason to forget about the credit cards ... I have to save up money to fix the floor ... so many things ... so, I have on my heavy jacket and my gloves. It is not easy to type with gloves! :)

Tomorrow, I start going to the craft circle at the Co-op again. I need to get bunny greens, anyway, so might as well get some crafting in. I think I'll find a couple of pricking patterns to make some embroidered cards for a couple of birthdays this month. I think I'll ask in the card groups I am in for a good one for a guy ... and a 3 year-old girl ... hmmm. Yeah, gonna do that now.

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