Saturday, January 31, 2015

January 31, 2015

First laundry load of the day is started. Cage cleaning day.

I still can't seem to shake this lung infection that started a couple weeks ago with bronchitis. Still a lot of crap to cough up from my lungs now and then. Mostly in the morning. I feel fine, other than that. :/
Dusk at Teton National Park
Flickr user Rich Miller | Teton National Park, Wyoming | View a larger image and leave a comment.

There is no dusk to be,
There is no dawn that was,
Only there's now, and now,
And the wind in the grass.

~ Archibald MacLeish

Such a pretty day today. Finally able to open the blinds in the Critter room and have enough sunlight to turn off all the indoor lights. Nice after cleaning cages.
Having fried eggs for lunch!
2 chicken eggs and 2 dove eggs!
 The 4 youngest doves have FINALLY been moved to their own cage. I had hoped that I'd have the flight cage done by now, but no money ... So, they are in an awful cage for now. I marked the tails of Little Boy and Squabbie's chicks to tell them apart from Boy Boy & Little Girl's chicks.
 Little Boy/Squabbie chicks are on the long perch at the front of the cage.
Big Boy/Little Girl chicks are on the two short perches; the one at the top is more than twice the size of the other 3!

I am thinking about making a FaceBook Page for my sales. Not sure, yet ... I really need to get organized and get stuff sold! Ugh. I am just not good at it, sometimes ... have so many things to sell.

I need to forage food for the rabbits dinner later. Already out of fresh greens. Piggies. ;)

The bunnies are 9 weeks old ...
Connor is still for sale.
Second load of laundry into the dryer!

Finished another puzzle! #4 for the year.
We've watched some good old movies the past few nights.
Tonight was That Touch of Mink; last night was The Raven; Thursday was Topper; Wednesday was Bride of Frankenstein.

Last load of laundry is finally in the dryer!

I joined another MeetUp group today that was just started. Finally one I can go to some of the MeetUps as it is very close. First meet is tomorrow. It is 'We walk Davis/Woodland' and the walk is going to be near my neighborhood! I can walk to the walk if I want to. But, tomorrow I will be going to the walk and then heading to the co-op in Davis for the Craft Circle. So, taking the car and parking at the market - the walk starts and ends there - around the corner. Busy day!

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