Tuesday, February 10, 2015

February 10, 2015

Happy Birthday to me ... :/
I got a pretty birthday card from someone I don't even know in one of the craft groups I'm in. :)
And, wishes from others. :)

I got all the rabbits cleaned and fed in an hour! The doves and hamsters will get done tomorrow after I get home from work. They are much quicker to do and their cages don't need to be moved around as I clean them.

Listening to Agatha Christie's And Then There Were None today.

Have you heard that after 55 years, Harper Lee is releasing the sequel to To Kill A Mockingbird?! Amazing.
0062409859 Go Set a Watchman: A Novel
Harper Lee

I'm going to have some chocolate colostrum smoothie for lunch. So yummy!

I need to package up some VHS sales to mail out Thursday.

Just received some more birthday cards, including this cute one from someone else in the craft group:
And, cards from my two best friends and their families:
And, I got lavender seeds! :)
Thanks so much. <3 p="">
What's it called when you make tea in milk, rather than water? Would that be a tea latté? That is how I've been making my yummy chocolatté mate tea. It is sooooo good. Heating some milk now.

I don't remember if I've shared all the puzzles I've been making, so here they are:
I love those two puzzle-within-a-puzzle 'I Spy' jigsaws. They are fun to do. Wish I had more of those!


burbler said...

Tea made with milk? Never had that :/

Some lovely cards from your group - pretty - and I didn't know you made puzzles. Awesome!

QuinGem said...

I was just experimenting with the tea and it turned out really good. I don't know that other flavors would taste good that way. Maybe chai would.
I started making puzzles as soon as I could hold the pieces in my hand. I was making 1000+ pieces by the time I was 5. It is really relaxing. I'm glad I finally have a place to make them again.