Saturday, February 14, 2015

February 14, 2015

OMG! I had so much fun on the bike ride! There were 5 of us this week, but more are joining. I joined the Woodland Bike Campaign, too - we met at their site where they fix and sell bikes. Mine is the first eBike they have seen up close! Next week, I have to remember to bring my camera. But, one of the gals took a pic of us and when I get a copy, I'll post it here. We fixed a tire on one of the bikes. It was flat when she got to the meeting place and one of the volunteers put a tube in for her, but it had a faulty seam, so we had to patch it during the ride. I had the tools and someone else had the patches and several of us had tire pumps! It was a group effort! :) We will be riding every Saturday morning (so I will have to shift my cage cleaning schedule to the afternoon.) Tomorrow is my weekly walk group and then the craft circle in the afternoon. I finally have things to keep me busy on the weekends ... away from home! I highly recommend finding a MeetUp group near you. There are so many, you are bound to find one with your interests! Of course, be cautious and investigate before you commit. Make sure the meetings are in safe, public places, etc.

I need to get some pictures of Dakota, next door. I should have done it a long time ago! But, I want to send one to Connor's new owner.

Now, though, I have to rearrange the shed to put all of the holiday stuff in there as my mom doesn't want it all in her closet anymore. One of the reasons we moved the bike into the house a couple weeks ago ... which is a huge pain lugging that heavy thing up and down stairs ... I preferred it in the shed. Oh, well ...

Got the shed sorted out. Didn't take too long and I found something I had been missing. A little eyebolt that goes to my name sign. I hope to get that hung up soon. I need to paint and seal the sign. It's as old as me and hung above the doorway to the house I grew up in.

I sold a couple things on eBay this morning, so I need to get them packaged to mail on Monday.

I just got pictures of Dakota. Poor thing needs a better cage - he's in a dog crate -, but he'll be moved to his outdoor pen when the weather stays nicer. At least they are bringing him in the house when it is cold. Martin was happy that I found Connor a new home.
Look at my gorgeous green-eyed boy. Ezra thought the bunnies' towels made the best bed. Then, I started folding them and that was too disturbing, so he left!

I just foraged for the rabbits' dinner and now my eyes are itching! Damn pollen is high. The rabbits are getting a lot of cleavers and other yummy 'weeds'. Plenty left to forage for their breakfast in the morning.

It's so nice to be able to go barefoot for most of the day again. It is 74°F right now.

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