Sunday, February 15, 2015

February 15, 2015

Big Boy and Little Girl have hatched an egg - it's a single. Looks smaller than usual, so we'll see how it grows. Little Boy and Squabbie are setting two eggs, but they haven't hatched, yet.

I think Cassia will be having hamster babies soon, too. I've given up on Zihna ever getting pregnant. But, that's OK.

ACK! I just can't get rid of this damn cough! And, glad I use handkerchiefs. I would be more broke than I am if I had to buy Kleenex all the time!! Damn allergies. I thought I had them conquered a few years ago. But, the pollen is really bad already this year. Cottonwoods, alders and birch are really high right now and those were always culprits when I was younger ... :/ Plus, I think I am very allergic to my rabbits' hay.

And, my mom is complaining about light bulbs this morning ... she wants me to get 'regular' light bulbs. We still have some fluorescents that I hope to eliminate soon. But, now she is complaining about the LED light bulbs. She says they are flickering like the fluorescent ones ... ugh.

I feel awful right now, but I gotta get under the house and tear the drain pipe apart so I can once and for all get the damn kitchen sink to drain! Tired of having to use the bathroom sinks for everything! I may have to saw through it and replace a section ... not sure yet if the sections 'screw' in or are 'glued' together. The plumbing is so screwy in this place. Wish I had the money to replace it all. I had a quote a few years ago of several thousand just to do the water lines ...

Ugh. I am so sore! Kept hitting my back on the damn floor beams under the house. The pipe is really and truly blocked. In a spot I can't get to with the hose. So, since I am off tomorrow because of the holiday, I will be cutting the pipe! I am so over this. I WILL get this damn clog cleared. In the meantime, I flooded half the kitchen when I tried flushing one section out with the hose. The damn screw lid on the overflow pipe in the kitchen closet blew off! Water and icky stuff everywhere. You would think that would've cleared out the clog! But, noooo.  Took almost an hour to clean the kitchen floor and get all the water soaked up and now have the fan blowing in the closet since the bottom shelf got wet, too.

Just ate scrambled eggs and chorizo for lunch and now to get things ready for my walk and then the craft circle. I should be home by 6. And, I'm going to be nice and bring home dinner from the co-op.

I am so tired! It's been a long day. I went on the walk, then to the craft circle and didn't really enjoy either one today. I stopped at the hardware store on my way home and got the part I'll need to fix the drain pipe after I cut it and clear it tomorrow - holiday, so not working. It is the last resort. I really didn't want to cut the pipe, but no choice as I can't reach the clog with the hose from either end where I can unscrew the pipe or the clean-out.. All the angles are wrong to blow the water pressure through it. I know the section it is in now, though, so will cut that section of pipe. And, I have support wire that I'll be bracing it with to a floor beam above it, so that there will be no odd pressure on the 'join' when I'm done. Don't want it to leak!

So, I am going to make some hot chocolatté and work on my puzzle before feeding everyone and going to bed.

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