Thursday, February 26, 2015

February 26, 2015

Nice day. Still having some wind ... hate wind ... but, it was a pretty day. And, a nice work drive. Went up to Dunnigan to meet my manager and set up some displays at a store there. Then, down to Winters to service a store. It's still mostly farmland up near those towns, so nice drive.

Had some leftover cream in the fridge that my mom thought was bad. It's raw, so not bad. It just morphed into sour cream. So, I bought some spinach today and made spinach dip when I came home. We had some of it on salad. Sooo good! I used this recipe: Sour Cream Spinach Dip
I didn't have any chives, so used dried onion. I threw everything in the food processor and pulsed until it was the consistency I liked.
 Tomorrow, I'll be making raw butter with raw cream. Can't wait! I haven't made any in a while.

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