Friday, February 6, 2015

February 6, 2015

I've been awake for an hour and couldn't go back to sleep. Doesn't happen too often. Waiting for the rain to start. Storm is supposed to arrive in a couple of hours and last until Monday. We really need the rain, but I dread the high winds.

I had planned to go on a bike ride on Saturday and a walk on Sunday with a couple of the local MeetUp groups that I've joined recently. But, I cancelled due to the storm. I can't risk getting chilled with this lingering cough I still have from the lung infection a couple of weeks ago. I still have a 'catch' in my bronchi and some coughing fits from it.

I have three stores I want to get serviced today in Sacramento. I can't wait to be done with the reset projects for one of the chains. I was SIX hours in one store yesterday because of them. I have two more next week and then those are done. Today should be an easy day, other than the traffic.

My farmer gave me two gallons of colostrum milk FREE yesterday. They are a nice family. I often get free raw butter from them, too!

I bought a new garden hose yesterday. On sale, too. So, I'll be working on that kitchen drain problem this weekend. One way or another, I will conquer it!


I need my oil check now! If I'm very lucky (which I never am ...) it will be in my mailbox right now.

I am so stressed right now. My migraine from the other day is trying to make a comeback ... :(

It is pouring out there! So glad to be off the road. There are crazy people out there!
No oil check and I think my car insurance payment is going to cause an overdraft fee ... :(

I got a few swaps sorted and packaged to mail tomorrow. Luckily, I had enough stamps!

It is really pouring buckets of rain out there. I love the sound on my carport.

All the critters are fed and in bed. And, I am going to work on my puzzle before bed.
Tomorrow will be busy. Cage cleaning and Sheriff & Kayla's first date! :)
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