Monday, February 9, 2015

February 9, 2015

Decided not to work today. My lungs are really acting up ... never really got over the bronchitis from a couple weeks ago ... :( Just got back from the co-op, though - gotta have bunny greens.

Sheriff did his job this morning. And, Kayla let him! Will breed them again tonight, though. Should have bunnies at the beginning of March!

More stuff added to eBay and Listia. Mostly VHS tapes.

Lunch was a yummy lamb chop and apple slices with raw cream and cinnamon.
I've been listening to Absent in the Spring audiobook all day. It's by Agatha Christie under her other name Mary Westmacott. Such a sad story, but good.

Sheriff and Kayla were a no go tonight. I'll try them again in the morning and then wait and see.

Having chocolate colostrum milk and working on my puzzle before bed.

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