Monday, March 30, 2015

March 30, 2015

The bunnies having a wild food breakfast. Great time of year for foraging.
Kayla and her kids are feasting!
Mmmm. Real food!
Parker is a big girl, now. She's almost as big as her mother, Patty!
Just got home. Little Boy and Squabbie's chick died ... :( But, Big Boy and Little Girl's chick is still going strong.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

March 29, 2015

I am so tired ... Yesterday was a hard day, even though it was enjoyable. I have to clean cages this morning and then go on my walk in the afternoon. I have to forage sometime today, too. I still haven't gotten under the house to check the cable lines or got the dish off the house, yet ... always something to take up my time ...
The dove chicks are still alive and well this morning. I'll have to check the eggs of their siblings to see if they are still viable ... don't think they are. So, they'll both be singles. In this warmer weather, that is OK. They won't need the extra body heat in the nest.

Sadly, the walk I wanted to do today with a Sacramento group, I had to bow out of since I didn't have any money left. That group walks the historic district and stops at a restaurant for lunch ... maybe next month. So, I'll be walking with my usual group, here in Woodland ... :/

I am so sore! I am soaking my feet in Epsom salts with tea tree essential oil in it. I feel great, other than the blisters on my feet and being HOT! Drinking some cold lemon water with a bit of maple syrup in it. I walked a bit over 5 miles, I think. I walked to the walk, did the walk, and walked home ... whew! It was just me and Kathy today. Everyone else bailed at the last minute! There were 9 on the list this morning! :/

I found this gorgeous feather on my way home. I think it may be from an owl.
Oh, and the other dove eggs didn't make it. One died a while ago and the other died of exhaustion while trying to pip the shell. :(

I did a tentative sexing of the bunnies and at this point, I 'think' there are 2 boys and 3 girls. I'll check them again next week. They are 17 days old.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

March 28, 2015

What a busy day! Had a great ride (in the wind!!!!) out to the strawberry patch. Only 3 of us showed up! :( But, it was fun and I picked about 3 pounds of strawberries!
Part of my haul. I also pulled some 'weeds' for the bunnies!
Emily and Cindy
I brought my long winch cable to lock all of our bikes together as we didn't know how busy the place might be and you never want to leave your bikes unlocked.
I got back home about noon ... ate some strawberries ... then, loaded up Dovelet and #1 for another Tuleyome Birds and Beaks seminar. A MUCH smaller group this time, but I think it was much better and the kids were able to do more activities. And, I forgot to recharge my camera, so only got about 20 pics with that and then had to use the camera on my phone. I hate that, as it costs me to send the pics to my email and they aren't as clear ... Here are a few from the good camera:
Dovelet and #1 taking it all in!
Learning how the different types of beaks work to get the food.
Making birds.
Finally got home after 3pm.

Found a new dove hatchling on the floor if its cage when I got home. Barely moving. Not sure if it will make it. I'll check later. Chick from the other cage that hatched yesterday is doing well. Not sure if either of their siblings will hatch. I may start pulling eggs soon. It is getting too hot already and I am running out of room until I sell (or eat) some of the extras! Ha! Scrambled dove eggs aren't bad. Need to start having some squab, too.

The little dove chick seems to be doing OK after its fall from the nest. Hopefully, I found it in time.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

March 25, 2015

Done cleaning cages. My mom bugged me too much, so I finally did what she asked. I still don't like it. I switched Kayla and the bunnies with Sheriff. So, he is in the big playpen and she is in his raised cage. Reason? The babies started squeezing through the bars and hopping around the room ... They can't do that in the raised cage as the bars are closer together. Now, Kayla has a lot less room ... I will switch them back in a couple of weeks, though. Once their heads are bigger and they can't go through the wider bars.
Everyone's eyes are open
The Harlequin at the top of the pic is nibbling hay!
Active little buggers
Everyone is clean and fed.
Nikky had to run over to the playpen and was very surprised to see Sheriff in there!
Just got an email about the volunteering I am doing this afternoon. It's with Tuleyome, the nature group I am in. I'm helping out at the 'Birds and Beaks' seminar at the library in Winters. Kids learn about the different types of beaks birds have.

It is so darn windy today!

I need to find something to eat before I go today ... I want to go to the co-op first and then head to Winters.

Oh! I'm taking two of my male doves to the seminar  - I offered and the organizer is thrilled. And, she also asked if I'd talk a bit about doves! OMG! I haven't done anything like this in AGES!

Mmm. Chocolate buttermilk smoothie! Yum. One pint of raw buttermilk, 3 raw cream cubes, 1 teaspoon maple syrup, 1 teaspoon raw cacao powder.

Well, that was an enjoyable afternoon! We had about 60+ kids, I think. None of us remembered to count heads! There were 4 of us from Tuleyome and 5 teachers. Three class-fuls of kids (1st and 3rd grades) plus a few individual kids with their parents. It went well. We split them into 2 mixed-age groups. Surprisingly, there was only 1 little boy who seemed 'left out'. I and one of the teachers kept coaxing him to participate and he did once most of his group had done the activities. A lot like I used to do ... Looking forward to Saturday when I do this again! I took lots of pics for the group, but I won't share them on my public blog as there are kids in most of them. But, here are a few I took before the kids got there and a couple that don't show faces. I took Dovelet and #1 and they were a hit. No pics of them as there were kids in all of those. They even cooed for the kids. They are going with me Saturday when we do this again at a different library.
That is 'Berry'. There is a smaller bear called 'Essa' that didn't come. They are the mascots of Tuleyome because of the work to get Lake Berryessa protected.
The kids used various shaped tools to mimic different types of beaks to see how birds eat.
Hummingbirds are 'sippers' so a dropper is used to get water.
Dinnertime/bedtime for the critters.
The hamsters got some yellow cauliflower for dinner. I was too slow with the camera. Cassia had picked up the whole floret and carried it to her food corner.
The bunnies have been introduced to their first 'fresh' food - Bermuda grass and cleavers. Don't know if they will get much before their mama notices and eats it all herself!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

March 24, 2015

I just got finished making about a pound of cultured butter. So yum! And, I have almost 2 gallons of cultured milk and a pint of pure buttermilk. And, Nikky got to lick the cuisenart bowl when I was done. So, at least, she is happy ... And, I will be making a lot of buttermilk smoothies in the next week or so, as the cultured milk will continue to ferment into buttermilk, too. Something like that ... My mom doesn't like buttermilk, so it's all for meeeee! ;)

I took a bunch of bunny pics this morning before I left for work. Nikky, of course, was right there obsessing over the babies.
The bunnies are 11 days old and their eyes are starting to crack open a bit. One of the blacks was out again this morning when I got up.
Kayla feasting on breakfast.
Patty decided she didn't want to stay in her cage and eat her breakfast this morning.
Patty stealing food from her baby, Parker.
Nikky holding vigil in case she might see one of the bunnies!

Monday, March 23, 2015

March 23, 2015

It actually rained last night. Started at 10:30. Not sure how long it lasted, but nothing looked wet this morning ... :(

I got three stores serviced and was home by noon! Love days like this. Just hate how long my paper work takes to get done and the next day's files sorted. Just finished.

When I got home and checked on the bunnies, two of them were out of the nest! Their eyes aren't even open, yet! One of the Harlequins and one of the silvered blacks. The two biggest. Poor Kayla won't get a moment's rest, now! I sure can tell how much bigger these bunnies are than Patty's two were at this age!

I need to get outside and dismantle that dish on my house and get the cables sorted ... but, the neighbor's dogs are tied out and Lucy's line is long enough that she's always laying under my carport in front of my shed ... where my ladder is ... :/ Not sure if I want to deal with her 'helping' me today. Their dogs are sweethearts, but I'm really not in the mood ...

Since the dogs are still out, I've decided to finally revive my kombucha. I've got the water boiling and the other ingredients waiting to be added. Still have to find my spare spigot, though ... Hmmm.

I got all my Monday FlyLady projects done around the house! It's rare that I get to all of them! My bedroom really needed it! Hope to start getting all of them done again like I used to! Need to get stuff organized. I actually threw out a bunch of stuff (too bad I didn't do that before the garbage man came!)

And, I got my kombucha fermenting. :) Next fermenting project is to try to revive the milk kefir grains. Maybe Wednesday after I clean cages.

My lemon tree has a ton of flowers this year. Hope we don't have any wind to blow them off again like the past two years!
Flickr user Ed Ogle | Ute Trail on Tombstone Ridge, Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado | View a larger image and leave a comment.

The joy of looking and comprehending is nature's most beautiful gift.
~ Albert Einstein

Sunday, March 22, 2015

March 22, 2015

Listening to the John Barrowman show on Magic 105.4 (UK). Love the Torchwood reminiscences!
I'm getting ready to leave for the co-op and my group walk.

The bunnies are doing well. Nikky is still obsessing over them.

The walk today was alright. And, we saw a Pacific gopher snake sunbathing on the path. Took pics and walked around him. :)
Finished another jigsaw puzzle tonight.
Plover on the Shore
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You think you know someone by looking at his face but what can one face say about the thousand thoughts behind those eyes.
~ Marianne Wiggins

Saturday, March 21, 2015

March 21, 2015

Had a nice ride again. There were only 3 of us today, but still had a good time. Working out details to have a Strawberry Run next week or the week after to one of the local U-Pick strawberry patches. I'll be pulling my bike trailer to haul the purchases. Next month, we will be doing a long ride to the big Davis Farmer's Market. Can't wait for that one! And, then, May 2, I will be one of the ride leaders for the Cycle de Mayo charity ride. Nervous and excited for that.

Making this for dinner, along with chicken leg quarters: Parmesan Baked Tomatoes

Doveling is a male ... I'm drowning in male doves! Ugh. Poor Palomar is never going to get a mate at this rate! But, he's sure setting the quail egg!

Flickr user David Silva | St. Johns River/Merritt Island, Florida | View a larger image and leave a comment.

Creativity involves breaking out of established patterns in order to look at things in a different way.
~ Edward de Bono

Friday, March 20, 2015

March 20, 2015

Sad. One of the bunnies died. One of the silvered blacks. He was the runt. :( But, the other five are doing well.
The biggest Harlequin was trying to eat hay right before I took the picture!
Have a long work day today. I hope to get 3-5 stores done. We'll see how it goes!

Home a little earlier than I expected. I got two stores done ... I smashed my thumb on the storage drawer on one of my displays ... I'm being a big baby. But, it still hurts like hell after an hour ... just took some willow bark. Might ice it later, too. But, gotta do my paperwork.
I stopped at the Wave Broadband office this morning and the special for the cable TV is $10 a month for 12 months since it will be 'bundled' with my internet. So, I'll be going under the house tomorrow afternoon and checking all the cables under there and also take down the dish. Then, I will stop at their office and have them turn the cable back on.

In the morning, I will be going on my group bike ride.
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In life, as in art, the beautiful moves in curves.
~ Edward G. Bulwer-Lytton

Well, just found out that today's eclipse was only visible in Europe ... bummer. But seeing some cool shots of it from this morning.

Just updated all my info on Etsy. Hope to start putting some vintage stuff on there soon. I haven't sold anything on there in several years! It sure has changed!

Thursday, March 19, 2015

March 19, 2015

Quinn and Gemini were born this day in 1988. Hard for me to believe it has been 27 years! And, they have been gone for 17 ... but, they will never be forgotten! They were my little saviors; the reason I am still here.

I still have that playpen they were in. I have Kayla and her bunnies in it, now!

Today is the beginning of my goal of eliminating as much waste as possible when I shop. I have tons of cloth and paper bags and glass jars. But, I have really been lazy about taking them with me when I shop! The bags are always in the trunk of my car, but I tend to just grab a couple of grocery-size bags and forget all the little ones. But, today, I took them all in and, when I bought my bulk foods, I used them instead of grabbing more of their paper bags! They have a tare scale in the bulk section so you can weigh your container/bag before filling it and write the weight down so you don't get charged that amount. I'll be taking more of my glass containers next time, too. I only took one today. It's so much more convenient, really. You don't waste anything by transferring your food to another container or throw away the container you carried it home in ... Just makes more sense. My goal is to also get some more glass freezer containers and have the butcher use those for my meats, too. But, that will be later in the year, I think, when I can get enough of those.

Helped my mom rearrange the small appliances and storage jars/bottles. We moved the appliances that we rarely use up onto one of the fridge tops and the higher cabinets. Eventually, I will be selling all of the ones we rarely, if ever, use. And, I made one whole shelf in the pantry closet for my ferments, so they aren't on top of the fridge. My kombucha SCOBY in the big jar died, but all of the ones still in the 'hotel' have survived. So, once everything is scrubbed, I will start the kombucha ferments again! I miss having kombucha to drink!! My tummy will be happy to get the good bugs again! Hope to get the milk kefir grains revived over the weekend.

My farmer is great. She forgot today was Thursday and didn't save my 3 gallons. She added buttermilk culture to 2 of them before I got there. So, she gave them to me for free! She's always giving me free butter, too! Last year, I got a couple of bushels of free grapes, too! Always something yummy. I hope to give her a SCOBY and some kefir grains once I get them all revived.

We are having gluten-free beef fajitas for dinner. I am starving! I had an organic soft serve at the co-op and a lamb chop when I got home. But, want food now! haha! It's been a long, busy day.
San Juan Mountains, Colorado
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Give me the splendid, silent sun with all his beams full-dazzling.
~ Walt Whitman

Well, so much for that ... my mom is begging me to get the cable TV back. I'm never going to get ahead of anything ... damn needy bitch. She refuses to learn how to use a computer or the gadget to hook an external drive to the TV ... She just doesn't get how finite our money is and I don't have anything else I can default on and not pay ... and, I am still waiting on the IRS to send the paperwork I need to stay on the low-income utility program. If we can't stay on that, I'm screwed. I can't pay $500-600+ a month on electricity ...

Well, I just searched the Wave Broadband site and looks like I can get local channels for $25/month, so I'll go to their office tomorrow and see if I can get that done ... so tired of her complaining about every little thing ... maybe this will shut her up for a few hours ... ha! She'll have about 25 channels to play with ... but, she'll still say there's nothing to watch within the week ... I'll need to get under the house this weekend and take out all the dish satellite stuff and hook the cable back up. Can't wait to get that dish off my house, anyway.

Oh, my new Visa/debit card arrived, so I went to the bank this morning and had them shred my old card and activate my new one. So, dish can't take anymore money from my account! I need to go to some of my other bill accounts and change the info.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

March 18, 2015

Another cleaning day. First load of laundry is started ...

I finished another puzzle on Thursday.
Started another one yesterday.

Whew. Busy morning. I got all the critters cleaned and fed pretty quickly this morning. Vacuumed their room; 3 loads of laundry done and 2 more to go; cleaned the laundryroom and bathroom floors and shook out all the rugs; cleaned the kitchen compost bin (yuck); took the jars and egg basket out to the car for the trip to the farm tomorrow; straightened out the trunk; shredded some magazines; ... always so much to get done. I also made a gift for a friend in my SG group:
It's been months since I made any graphics! Really need to get back into it ... need to update my shop, that's for sure ... some day.
But, now, I am resting and having some cold chocolatté tea in milk. Mmmmm.

Trying to decide whether I should start putting things in my old Etsy shop again. I haven't used it in years ... I really need to sell more stuff, though ...

Just finished listening to this interview with Lauren Singer of Trash is for Tossers. Good stuff.

I just took apart the frame to the dove flight I was going to make. Changed my mind ... going to make a bunch of 'baby gates' that I have needed for a long time for Nikky. And, the rabbits. Plus, making a portable fence for the rabbits when they are outside ... similar to this: PVC Dog Gate
Mt. Shasta
Flickr user Alice Cahill | Mount Shasta, California | View a larger image and leave a comment.

Your feet will bring you where your heart is.
~ Irish Proverb

The bunnies are 6 days old. All six are still active and healthy. Thriving! Tomorrow, they'll be getting a new box and fresh bedding.