Sunday, March 1, 2015

March 1, 2015

OK. So, I'm forgetful ... I forgot to take the food from Dovelet and #1 last night ... so, they get a reprieve until tomorrow ... and, yes, they are no longer 'squab', so they will be used in a crockpot dish, since they are past the 'tender' stage. And, my mom asks if I tried to sell them ... ugh.

Time for John Barrowman's Magic radio show!

I'm trying to find a quilling or pricking project to make at the craft circle tonight. I have two birthday cards I want to make for friends this month.

I hate when people don't come when they say the will. Waiting on people for FreeCycle items ... I have to leave for my walk soon ...

I really enjoyed listening to the Agatha Christie audiobooks (except one that I think was not complete ...). The narrators were really engaging. The narrator for the first two Sherlock Holmes audiobooks ... monotonous drone ... disappointed.

I had a nice walk today and then went to the craft circle. I half-finished a birthday card. I have time to finish it before it needs to be sent.

Got some sucky mail yesterday. I cannot believe there is a limit on energy use or you have to show all kinds of extra proof of income, etc. since we are on the CARE discount plan for our utilities. We apparently used too much last month and now have to jump through a bunch of hoops or get dumped from the program! Ugh. I really can't deal with this shit. I'm going to try to get to the local office and see if there is someone there I can talk to. I need an explanation, as we have not used anything differently than the month before! :/

I'm stressing about this damn CARE issue ... I don't like this added invasion into my life. I have to contact IRS tomorrow and get transcripts of my forms and of my mom's non-filing (she only gets SS.) I hate this.
I'd had a good weekend, until now ... :( I get paralyzed when stuff like this comes at me ... I just want to cry. It's just one thing after another ...
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~ Dalai Lama XIV

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