Wednesday, March 11, 2015

March 11, 2015

It's raining! Yay! I'm not going anywhere today. Just going to clean cages and hopefully get one pair of moccasins repaired.

The rain stopped, of course.
I got the cages cleaned and the critters fed.
I just made me a creamy chocolate strawberry creamshake. Yum.
Check out the cream cubes I made the other day in 3 ice cube trays. I finally remembered to take them out of the trays so they could be stored in jars in the freezer. 100% raw cream. Ready-to-use.
Nikky had fun licking the trays and eating the one cube I dropped on the floor. Good treat for her.

I didn't make it to the plant walk I had planned on going to at noon at the UCD Arboretum ... no gas and didn't have time to catch the bus after I cleaned cages ... Maybe next month. And, I'm not going to make it to the Bike Garage ... but, I did find the info on how to tighten the spokes myself ... YouTube can be helpful, sometimes! I can use a regular little wrench or pliers that I have, but I'd like to find the little spoke wrench they showed in the video. I will do that next weekend, since I won't be going on the ride on Saturday. I am going to a small animal sale in Orangevale. Taking the 2 extra male doves and the 4 younger doves. Plus, some cages and other supplies that I don't need. Hope I can sell them all!

Just made some windshield washer fluid and filled up my reservoir in the car. Quick, simple, easy. And, cheap! ;)

Gah! I haven't accomplished anything this afternoon. Just been making my puzzle! hahaha. I did get my paperwork ready for tomorrow. And, pulled most of the critter supplies out that I want to take on Saturday. Didn't work on moccasins again ... Maybe I will take them to craft circle on Sunday.

Sometimes, I wish I had real friends ... but, then, I think, why bother ... my imaginary ones are more real ...

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