Thursday, March 12, 2015

March 12, 2015

We haz bebes!! Kayla and Sheriff are the proud parents of SIX bunnies! Two are possibly Harlequins, like mama. Four are black, possibly Tan-marked or Marten-marked. Can't tell, yet. Will look more closely when I get home this afternoon.

Got my oil check today. Disappointed that it was barely $100 this month! Sad thing is that to get the higher payments I'm used to of $300-400, the price of gas has to go back up! A slight 'catch-22', I think. I like the low gas prices, so I can fill my gas tank up, but hate the low royalties! Ugh. But, it cost me more than $50 to fill up my gas tank this morning ... suuucks.

Everyone fed and in bed. Bunnies are thriving.
The room is dark, so can't see them well.
Turned the flash on the camera. Cage bar got in the way ...
Parker is getting to be a big girl.
Sheriff is a proud daddy. ;)
Kayla - good mommy got extra greens.

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