Friday, March 13, 2015

March 13, 2015

It's a lovely day outside. I got three stores serviced this morning with my district manager. She's such a help. So, I got home at 1 and helped my mom lay out 3 bins of compost that we made. Leveled part of the yard so that I can hopefully get some pavers laid out soon.
I just got finished cleaning perches and putting some pet supplies and a cage in the car that I hope to sell tomorrow. I'll be putting the perches back in the doves' cages when they are dry. Then will clean the trays, so they will be fairly clean in the morning when I take the 6 doves to the pet exchange and sale tomorrow. Hope I can sell them! Then, I will just have one baby dove, Chynna Star. The two older pairs are already on eggs again. I need to free up a cage for Chynna! I don't really have a good spare right now! Paloma and Doveling are starting to work on a nest, so hopefully, Doveling is female!

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