Saturday, March 14, 2015

March 14, 2015

Just got home and unloaded the car. The animal sale and exchange was fun. I didn't sell anything this time, but I will be back next month. (It is free.) A lot of nice people, lots of animals and good networking. I will be getting my quail from the lady who owns the place in the future and she might get some of my doves. She gave me an Italian Coturnix quail egg for an experiment to see if doves will set quail eggs. Such pretty eggs!
They had a lot of farm animals there for sale - quail, chickens, turkeys, ducks, geese, goats, etc. And, rabbits. Mine were the only doves, but there were several other dove breeders who stopped to talk. :)
I had to take pics of two of the tom turkeys. Gorgeous. Reminded me of the ones I had in Florida ...
So, I will take doves again next month and the following month I will take Kayla & Sheriff's bunnies as they will be 2 months old then.
And, one of the gals gave me a bunch of oranges that were leftover from the snack table! I can't eat them (they are Navel,) but my mom and the bunnies can!

I can't decide if I want to bother going to the walking group tomorrow. I am cleaning cages tomorrow morning (since I didn't do them today) and going to the craft circle in the evening. I don't want to rush on cleaning the cages, so I probably won't go. I am taking my moccasins to finally repair both pairs to the craft circle. I'm also going to take my new sock loom and talk to the regular knitters about good sock yarns and such.

It got really hot today. It is 84°F right now, so it was probably hotter an hour ago.

While I was gone today, my mom cleared some of the small appliances out of the cabinet above one of the fridges and cleaned them up for me to sell ... like I don't have enough things ahead of them that need to be listed and sold!! But, I hope to get these listed soon. They took up too much room and I very rarely use them (rice cooker and a small ice cream maker that was my aunt's.) Plus, I want her to clean up the electric juicer as I really don't use that much any more. It's just such a pain to clean.

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He who wonders discovers that this in itself is wonder.
~ M. C. Escher

This heat is really tiring me out. It's muggy.

I am happily sitting in front of my space heater! Guess what? It has a fan mode that I have never used! Nice and cool!

I was just pondering ... ten more years and I can get Social Security. Maybe I can cut down on my stores then ... Ha! We'll still owe about $15,000 on this mobile home at that time ... :(

I put the doves on Craigslist. See if they sell.

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