Monday, March 16, 2015

March 16, 2015

Took a lot of pics today for a couple of email photo swaps. I love doing those. They don't cost anything!
Photo scavenger hunt -
1 - Something with bubbles - the air hose for my little fish tank.
2 - Something that chimes - our old pendulum wall clock.
3 - An animal that is not your pet - this is a herd of cattle that I pass when I go to the next town. Usually, they are in the far pasture, but today they were in the pasture by the road.
4 - A comfortable place to relax - this is the patio at my co-op. I have lunch there sometimes and also my craft circle meets there twice a month. We sat in the outer area yesterday afternoon. I should have taken the pic then, but didn't think of it! So, I took it this morning!
5 - A billboard or advertising sign you find interesting - This is the big co-op sign on the roof. Co-op is short for co-operative. I love the meaning of that ... to work together. So many people don't do that. And, the other sign is the Toad Lane sign. That sign was put up to commemorate the very first Co-operative that was started in England in 1846. Oh, and the tomato. The 'Big Tomato' is actually the logo and nickname for the co-op!
6 - Something sweet - This is my yummy snack this week - organic honey in a straw.
And, Palomar is very happy with the quail egg! I have not seen Doveling on it, yet, though.
 We'll see if he can hatch it. If so, I will get more quail eggs and get all the doves to set them!

Yay! I made two eBay sales! Waiting for payment so I can package them to ship tomorrow.

Here are two more photo swaps I did today.
Crafty challenge -
This week, I finally started to repair my moccasins. I got one done! I took the project to my regular craft circle yesterday. We meet twice a month.
I have 3 more to do - the mate to this one and another pair. I always wear out the stitches in the toe area. So, I took them completely apart and restitched the whole thing.

Fitness challenge -
This week, I didn't get a chance to do all of the exercises I normally do. But, I did a lot of everyday movement, mostly walking. Wednesday and Sunday, I cleaned cages as I always do for my rabbits and doves. Saturday, I hauled 2 of the doves' cages to the car and out of it, as I took them to a small animal outdoor sale. That was fun. Here's a pic of that:
They didn't sell this time, but I'll be taking them again. I did a lot of walking around that day, too.
I also jumped on my mini trampoline and balanced on my big blue ball several times during the week. This is my little exercise area:
Flickr user Fishhawk | Danville, Pennsylvania | View a larger image and leave a comment.

A smile is a curve that sets everything straight.
~ Phyllis Diller

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