Thursday, March 19, 2015

March 19, 2015

Quinn and Gemini were born this day in 1988. Hard for me to believe it has been 27 years! And, they have been gone for 17 ... but, they will never be forgotten! They were my little saviors; the reason I am still here.

I still have that playpen they were in. I have Kayla and her bunnies in it, now!

Today is the beginning of my goal of eliminating as much waste as possible when I shop. I have tons of cloth and paper bags and glass jars. But, I have really been lazy about taking them with me when I shop! The bags are always in the trunk of my car, but I tend to just grab a couple of grocery-size bags and forget all the little ones. But, today, I took them all in and, when I bought my bulk foods, I used them instead of grabbing more of their paper bags! They have a tare scale in the bulk section so you can weigh your container/bag before filling it and write the weight down so you don't get charged that amount. I'll be taking more of my glass containers next time, too. I only took one today. It's so much more convenient, really. You don't waste anything by transferring your food to another container or throw away the container you carried it home in ... Just makes more sense. My goal is to also get some more glass freezer containers and have the butcher use those for my meats, too. But, that will be later in the year, I think, when I can get enough of those.

Helped my mom rearrange the small appliances and storage jars/bottles. We moved the appliances that we rarely use up onto one of the fridge tops and the higher cabinets. Eventually, I will be selling all of the ones we rarely, if ever, use. And, I made one whole shelf in the pantry closet for my ferments, so they aren't on top of the fridge. My kombucha SCOBY in the big jar died, but all of the ones still in the 'hotel' have survived. So, once everything is scrubbed, I will start the kombucha ferments again! I miss having kombucha to drink!! My tummy will be happy to get the good bugs again! Hope to get the milk kefir grains revived over the weekend.

My farmer is great. She forgot today was Thursday and didn't save my 3 gallons. She added buttermilk culture to 2 of them before I got there. So, she gave them to me for free! She's always giving me free butter, too! Last year, I got a couple of bushels of free grapes, too! Always something yummy. I hope to give her a SCOBY and some kefir grains once I get them all revived.

We are having gluten-free beef fajitas for dinner. I am starving! I had an organic soft serve at the co-op and a lamb chop when I got home. But, want food now! haha! It's been a long, busy day.
San Juan Mountains, Colorado
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Give me the splendid, silent sun with all his beams full-dazzling.
~ Walt Whitman

Well, so much for that ... my mom is begging me to get the cable TV back. I'm never going to get ahead of anything ... damn needy bitch. She refuses to learn how to use a computer or the gadget to hook an external drive to the TV ... She just doesn't get how finite our money is and I don't have anything else I can default on and not pay ... and, I am still waiting on the IRS to send the paperwork I need to stay on the low-income utility program. If we can't stay on that, I'm screwed. I can't pay $500-600+ a month on electricity ...

Well, I just searched the Wave Broadband site and looks like I can get local channels for $25/month, so I'll go to their office tomorrow and see if I can get that done ... so tired of her complaining about every little thing ... maybe this will shut her up for a few hours ... ha! She'll have about 25 channels to play with ... but, she'll still say there's nothing to watch within the week ... I'll need to get under the house this weekend and take out all the dish satellite stuff and hook the cable back up. Can't wait to get that dish off my house, anyway.

Oh, my new Visa/debit card arrived, so I went to the bank this morning and had them shred my old card and activate my new one. So, dish can't take anymore money from my account! I need to go to some of my other bill accounts and change the info.

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