Monday, March 23, 2015

March 23, 2015

It actually rained last night. Started at 10:30. Not sure how long it lasted, but nothing looked wet this morning ... :(

I got three stores serviced and was home by noon! Love days like this. Just hate how long my paper work takes to get done and the next day's files sorted. Just finished.

When I got home and checked on the bunnies, two of them were out of the nest! Their eyes aren't even open, yet! One of the Harlequins and one of the silvered blacks. The two biggest. Poor Kayla won't get a moment's rest, now! I sure can tell how much bigger these bunnies are than Patty's two were at this age!

I need to get outside and dismantle that dish on my house and get the cables sorted ... but, the neighbor's dogs are tied out and Lucy's line is long enough that she's always laying under my carport in front of my shed ... where my ladder is ... :/ Not sure if I want to deal with her 'helping' me today. Their dogs are sweethearts, but I'm really not in the mood ...

Since the dogs are still out, I've decided to finally revive my kombucha. I've got the water boiling and the other ingredients waiting to be added. Still have to find my spare spigot, though ... Hmmm.

I got all my Monday FlyLady projects done around the house! It's rare that I get to all of them! My bedroom really needed it! Hope to start getting all of them done again like I used to! Need to get stuff organized. I actually threw out a bunch of stuff (too bad I didn't do that before the garbage man came!)

And, I got my kombucha fermenting. :) Next fermenting project is to try to revive the milk kefir grains. Maybe Wednesday after I clean cages.

My lemon tree has a ton of flowers this year. Hope we don't have any wind to blow them off again like the past two years!
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