Tuesday, March 24, 2015

March 24, 2015

I just got finished making about a pound of cultured butter. So yum! And, I have almost 2 gallons of cultured milk and a pint of pure buttermilk. And, Nikky got to lick the cuisenart bowl when I was done. So, at least, she is happy ... And, I will be making a lot of buttermilk smoothies in the next week or so, as the cultured milk will continue to ferment into buttermilk, too. Something like that ... My mom doesn't like buttermilk, so it's all for meeeee! ;)

I took a bunch of bunny pics this morning before I left for work. Nikky, of course, was right there obsessing over the babies.
The bunnies are 11 days old and their eyes are starting to crack open a bit. One of the blacks was out again this morning when I got up.
Kayla feasting on breakfast.
Patty decided she didn't want to stay in her cage and eat her breakfast this morning.
Patty stealing food from her baby, Parker.
Nikky holding vigil in case she might see one of the bunnies!

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