Wednesday, March 25, 2015

March 25, 2015

Done cleaning cages. My mom bugged me too much, so I finally did what she asked. I still don't like it. I switched Kayla and the bunnies with Sheriff. So, he is in the big playpen and she is in his raised cage. Reason? The babies started squeezing through the bars and hopping around the room ... They can't do that in the raised cage as the bars are closer together. Now, Kayla has a lot less room ... I will switch them back in a couple of weeks, though. Once their heads are bigger and they can't go through the wider bars.
Everyone's eyes are open
The Harlequin at the top of the pic is nibbling hay!
Active little buggers
Everyone is clean and fed.
Nikky had to run over to the playpen and was very surprised to see Sheriff in there!
Just got an email about the volunteering I am doing this afternoon. It's with Tuleyome, the nature group I am in. I'm helping out at the 'Birds and Beaks' seminar at the library in Winters. Kids learn about the different types of beaks birds have.

It is so darn windy today!

I need to find something to eat before I go today ... I want to go to the co-op first and then head to Winters.

Oh! I'm taking two of my male doves to the seminar  - I offered and the organizer is thrilled. And, she also asked if I'd talk a bit about doves! OMG! I haven't done anything like this in AGES!

Mmm. Chocolate buttermilk smoothie! Yum. One pint of raw buttermilk, 3 raw cream cubes, 1 teaspoon maple syrup, 1 teaspoon raw cacao powder.

Well, that was an enjoyable afternoon! We had about 60+ kids, I think. None of us remembered to count heads! There were 4 of us from Tuleyome and 5 teachers. Three class-fuls of kids (1st and 3rd grades) plus a few individual kids with their parents. It went well. We split them into 2 mixed-age groups. Surprisingly, there was only 1 little boy who seemed 'left out'. I and one of the teachers kept coaxing him to participate and he did once most of his group had done the activities. A lot like I used to do ... Looking forward to Saturday when I do this again! I took lots of pics for the group, but I won't share them on my public blog as there are kids in most of them. But, here are a few I took before the kids got there and a couple that don't show faces. I took Dovelet and #1 and they were a hit. No pics of them as there were kids in all of those. They even cooed for the kids. They are going with me Saturday when we do this again at a different library.
That is 'Berry'. There is a smaller bear called 'Essa' that didn't come. They are the mascots of Tuleyome because of the work to get Lake Berryessa protected.
The kids used various shaped tools to mimic different types of beaks to see how birds eat.
Hummingbirds are 'sippers' so a dropper is used to get water.
Dinnertime/bedtime for the critters.
The hamsters got some yellow cauliflower for dinner. I was too slow with the camera. Cassia had picked up the whole floret and carried it to her food corner.
The bunnies have been introduced to their first 'fresh' food - Bermuda grass and cleavers. Don't know if they will get much before their mama notices and eats it all herself!

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