Saturday, March 28, 2015

March 28, 2015

What a busy day! Had a great ride (in the wind!!!!) out to the strawberry patch. Only 3 of us showed up! :( But, it was fun and I picked about 3 pounds of strawberries!
Part of my haul. I also pulled some 'weeds' for the bunnies!
Emily and Cindy
I brought my long winch cable to lock all of our bikes together as we didn't know how busy the place might be and you never want to leave your bikes unlocked.
I got back home about noon ... ate some strawberries ... then, loaded up Dovelet and #1 for another Tuleyome Birds and Beaks seminar. A MUCH smaller group this time, but I think it was much better and the kids were able to do more activities. And, I forgot to recharge my camera, so only got about 20 pics with that and then had to use the camera on my phone. I hate that, as it costs me to send the pics to my email and they aren't as clear ... Here are a few from the good camera:
Dovelet and #1 taking it all in!
Learning how the different types of beaks work to get the food.
Making birds.
Finally got home after 3pm.

Found a new dove hatchling on the floor if its cage when I got home. Barely moving. Not sure if it will make it. I'll check later. Chick from the other cage that hatched yesterday is doing well. Not sure if either of their siblings will hatch. I may start pulling eggs soon. It is getting too hot already and I am running out of room until I sell (or eat) some of the extras! Ha! Scrambled dove eggs aren't bad. Need to start having some squab, too.

The little dove chick seems to be doing OK after its fall from the nest. Hopefully, I found it in time.

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