Sunday, March 29, 2015

March 29, 2015

I am so tired ... Yesterday was a hard day, even though it was enjoyable. I have to clean cages this morning and then go on my walk in the afternoon. I have to forage sometime today, too. I still haven't gotten under the house to check the cable lines or got the dish off the house, yet ... always something to take up my time ...
The dove chicks are still alive and well this morning. I'll have to check the eggs of their siblings to see if they are still viable ... don't think they are. So, they'll both be singles. In this warmer weather, that is OK. They won't need the extra body heat in the nest.

Sadly, the walk I wanted to do today with a Sacramento group, I had to bow out of since I didn't have any money left. That group walks the historic district and stops at a restaurant for lunch ... maybe next month. So, I'll be walking with my usual group, here in Woodland ... :/

I am so sore! I am soaking my feet in Epsom salts with tea tree essential oil in it. I feel great, other than the blisters on my feet and being HOT! Drinking some cold lemon water with a bit of maple syrup in it. I walked a bit over 5 miles, I think. I walked to the walk, did the walk, and walked home ... whew! It was just me and Kathy today. Everyone else bailed at the last minute! There were 9 on the list this morning! :/

I found this gorgeous feather on my way home. I think it may be from an owl.
Oh, and the other dove eggs didn't make it. One died a while ago and the other died of exhaustion while trying to pip the shell. :(

I did a tentative sexing of the bunnies and at this point, I 'think' there are 2 boys and 3 girls. I'll check them again next week. They are 17 days old.

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