Saturday, March 7, 2015

March 7, 2015

Whew! I'm tired, but feel good. Just got back from a 9-mile bike ride! Yay! It is a fun group of ladies! And, I may get to be a volunteer ride leader in the upcoming charity bike ride in May! I told Maria, the organizer, that I'll let her know next weekend. I may tell her Wednesday, if I go to the Bike Campaign HQ. I need to get my front wheel aligned and was told the guy that has that tool will be there on Wed. We'll see! Here's some pics from today. I'm in the second one.
Half-way point rest stop beside Plainfield Elementary School.
Back at the Bike Campaign's Bike Garage behind Douglass Junior High School.
Done with all the critters and their cages. It got hot in here, so I have the floor fan on all of them right now.

We're having baked game bird for dinner. I am so hungry!

I need to get a few packages for swaps sorted and ready to mail on Monday. Also, a couple of email swaps will get sent tomorrow, after I take the pictures for them.

Annnnd, I need to get some foraging done for the bunnies' dinner.

I'm stuffed.

It's time for Nikky to be poisoned and taxed again - just got the reminder. Every 3 years she has to get a rabies vax so she can get her license tag renewed ... grrr. So, I will be taking her to the VIP clinic at the end of the month. If I didn't have to have a copy of the certificates to give to the park manager, I wouldn't bother ... Hopefully, I'll have the money to do the 3-year vax and 3-year license again. I don't want to do this to her yearly!

I hope to get some lavender seeds planted tomorrow. And, maybe some other herbs that I have. I'll be moving my grow light up a bit as the ginger plant has gotten so tall that it nearly touches the bulb!

And, I will be making my first batch of sun tea of the year, tomorrow! It's supposed to get to 80°F!

Art, art of any kind, shows that folks are trying. - Walter Kirn

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