Sunday, March 8, 2015

March 8, 2015

I hate 'daylight savings' time ... it sucks. I am not a morning person and this doesn't help. But, John Barrowman's Magic radio show does help! Hahaha! I think DST has messed with him today, too. He keeps tweeting the wrong holiday and even announced the show start an hour early!

I need to get the cream separated from the milk I brought home Thursday. I think I might make some ice cream with it. Have to decide what flavor. Looking for a recipe.

I ended up just pouring the cream into ice cube trays for future use. I'm not quite ready for ice cream. But, found lots of yummy recipes!

Got all the pothos vines trimmed back to their pots. They are all root-bound and need more dirt. They had been my aunt Jeanne's and have never been repotted since she died. So, now, my mom has no excuse not to do it.

And, I raised up the grow lamp, so the ginger won't get burned on the bulb!

I took a picture for a random photo email swap that had to include something red. So, I took a pic of our big Echevaria that has been flowering. So pretty!
I'm about done with the walking group. The organizer is such a flake. Didn't go today. I've joined some MeetUp hiking groups. They are based in Sacramento, which will be a pain ... but, they have some fun urban hikes coming up that I hope to go to. This group has been around for several years and is established, so they have a lot more things to do to choose from.

Finally fixed my browser to open .pdf files again, rather than download them as .aspx files that had to be converted. Don't know why it started doing that recently. But, it's fixed now and I know how to fix it in the future if it happens again. It was so annoying. All of my work files are .pdf!

I'll need to go out and forage again soon, before it starts getting dark ...

Listening to a Robert Clary album I found. Fun songs.

Nikky just stole strawberries and cream from the little bowl on my coffee table! Little sneak. She knows the good stuff. ;)

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