Friday, April 10, 2015

April 10, 2015

Yesterday was sooo busy! I didn't get a chance to do much once I got home. I started the day by going to a local honey farm! I volunteered with the Tuleyome group again and we had about 20 or so kids in the group. They learned about modern bee-keeping and hives and honey production, etc. It was interesting. And, I didn't get stung! ha! (I'm allergic to the venomous creatures - mostly yellow jackets, though ...) We all got to jar our own orange blossom honey, too. Plus, I bought some habaƱero honey and some cinnamon-infused honey. Yummmy! Here's a few images I took before the kids got there.
Demonstration hive
Bee-keeper gear and beeswax
Machine used to fill jars
The queen bee in the demonstration hive has a blue dot on her back
The little jar on top is the one I filled and labeled! :)

After that, I went to service my stores for the day and then to the co-op for fooood.
The bunnies love fresh food! Four weeks old!!
Oh, and I have a buyer for 7 or 8 of my younger doves! A magician in Tahoe! Seriously! He found my ad on Craigslist. Here's a link to his website: He'll be coming on Monday to get them.

So, I am still deciding whether I am going to the small animal sale tomorrow, since I won't have the doves to take ... guess I will just go on my group bike ride! :) Then, the co-op is having another Tasting Fair in the afternoon that I want to go to ... free food! ;)

Well, I never received the transcripts I needed from the IRS. So, I'm sending the form into the CARE program with a note, anyway. Hoping they will extend the deadline, but really don't expect them to ... so, for the next two years, we won't have the discount until we can get back on the program ... I really don't know how I'm going to pay for electricity ... It will be $400-600 or so a month! I struggled to pay half that with the discount ... we'll see how it goes ...

I finished another puzzle and started a new-to-me puzzle I found at a thrift store.
I hope all the pieces are there!
I'm fighting a migraine again ... :/ It's tickling my temple in a very unfunny way.

Decision made ... not enough gas money to go to the animal sale ... and, just too much to do this weekend ... so, no bike ride, either ... :( I need to tear an old chair apart to haul down the street to the bulk waste drop off event at the fairgrounds, too ... fun ... I'll miss that old chair, but it takes up too much room and it doesn't recline like it's supposed to anymore. It was my dad's and is about 45 years old ... my mom and I don't even use it these days ...

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